designer bag for university??

  1. I'm thinking of buying a designer bag, but I really need it to be practical because I spend most of my time at university. So I would need something that can hold a diary, pencil bag, and a notebook/writing pad.

    I would love to hear what bags you drag along with you everyday for class and why they work for you.

  2. ysl musee
  3. LV Batignolles Horizontal. i don't use it everyday, but it's one of the bags i use for school more often.
  4. Last year I used my small Coach Hamptons hobo (they hold more than you think), but I think the large one is better for school (because my stuff was stuffed in there), it holds soooo much!! And the Hamptons totes are good for school too.
  5. I used to use my Coach metallic satchel but now I use my Kooba Sienna for school =) Big and roomy.
  6. I would go with an LV. Either the BH or Cabas Mezzo. They are just sturdy for what you're planning on doing.
  7. I'm not familiar with the BH vuitton. Can you give the full name??

    Don't you think that the LV bags aren't 'special' anymore because there are so many fakes? Since I'm a graduate student, this is the only designer bag I'm going to be able to buy for a while. So I want to make sure that it really is the perfect one. I do like the style of the Alma and Manhattan LVs though.

    Maybe I will just demand less work this semester so that I can get the MJ Stam:shame:
  8. I'm in the same boat as you are! Well, kinda. I'm in the process of applying to graduate school, and I want a new all-around bag that I can carry around. I think an LV would be great because it can go through a lot; I'm debating between these bags (because I can only afford one at the moment):

    Batignolles Horizontal (monogram)
    Speedy 30 (monogram or damier...I didn't think I'd get one until I looked at eluxury again...and I realized how pretty they were)
    Monogram Bucket

    I guess I'm more inclined to LV, heh. But when you have one, you can be proud that you have an authentic LV amongst all the fakes floating around. Maybe you can try the Damier line? Some of the bags there are really nice and not that much more than the Monograms.

    I know Coach bags are pretty good, too, and they're a lot cheaper. IMO, I think a black one would be really nice and versatile.
  9. Marc Jacobs Stella (go for one without suede lining).
  10. please let us know what you decide to pick - I've always wanted to buy a nice bag for school but I never end up getting it because I find none of the pretty bags ideal for school. :smile:
  11. I'll definitely let you girls know when I buy something. At the moment I'm being indecisive because I really wanted the MJ Stam bag. I even measured my notebook and it will fit in the large one, but I'm still not sure if it is the most practical. Even if it is the one I want the most!

    To complicate matters I don't want a shoulder bag. Or rather, I want a bag that can be a shoulder bag, but can still be carried on my arm.

    So at the moment I'm thinking that these 2 bags will be the most practical:

    Chloe Betty

    or Chloe Edith

    I also love the paddington. Do you think I could cram a lot in the largest size one???

    Let me know what you think! I'm going crazy over here trying to decide!!!:confused1:
  12. Or what about the Paddington Tote??


    Can you tell I'm going crazy over here?!
  13. Those are all great choices. They are pretty bags and practical. Personally, I would go with the Speedy because I love the shape.

    Doesn't it suck being a student? I hate having to choose:crybaby:
  14. It does! But hey, it's the education that counts, right? :yes: I really wish I can get at least 3 bags, but I limit myself to one at a time.

    To answer your question: Paddington Tote. :heart:
  15. I love that Paddington Tote. Soo cute & the perfect look for a student!
    One thing to think about though, is weight. I love my Marc Jacobs Stella, but it gives me a backache every time I carry it for more than a couple of hours (and I am not small - 5'10"/med. frame). I couldn't imagine what it would be like with school stuff inside. I've heard that the Paddington and Stam are heavy as well. The Edith looks less bulky, but I don't own that one so can't say. Maybe one of the monogram totes made out of lighter material would be good...