designer bag for law school...suggestions?

  1. I will be starting law school this fall, and my parents have offered to buy me (or at least put money towards) a bag for school as my graduation present. I want to get something that will hold my laptop (a macbook pro) and all those books. I also would like something understated so that I could take it to work at a firm during the summer - something that doesn't scream designer. I was looking at tod's d-bag media, and gucci's larger abbey bags (I'm a big black fan). anyone have any suggestions?
  2. How about the Balenciaga Work? It fits a laptop files etc but still looks like casual and everyday bag - and doesn't scream designer bag! and if you get it in a dark colour it won't look out of place in an office.
  3. i love it! now the question is, which color to choose? haha
  4. I'm starting law school in the fall as well!

    just orded a large gucci abby tote.

    I also have a large leather horsebit hobo I plan on using- thats a little more plain if you are looking to avoid stuff with logos all over it and its huge....

    I'm going to get a lv neverfull gm as well.- I tried it on at Saks last weekend and it will very much hold a laptop and other school stuff.

    I'd also recommend looking in the luggage section of gucci- there are some really nice options in there that will hold a ton of stuff.
  5. How about the Chanel Cerf tote?

    These pics borrowed from kitty nyc in the Chanel subforum...

  6. Oh the Work would be so you! I'd say get it in black if you love it so much but the grey also looks good too.
  7. When I was in law school I used Tod's d bag media, I actually still use it and I noticed a couple of other girls with Tods totes as well. I also used a small prada pochette for days that were packed with classes and I needed to carry a back pack. I saw loads of girls wear Gucci and LV.
  8. All those bags are just gorgeous and should suit your needs!
  9. Do you know if you have a locker? How much walking will you have to do? Will you have to walk to school? If you are driving, is the parking lot far from the school? These are some important questions to consider. Law school books are really huge and it is almost impossible to carry them in something not a backpack. You may need a backpack to get to school, but then you could put your books and backpack in your locker and carry things in your bag one class at a time. If your classes are spread out, you could also leave some of the books in your car and go back for them. Honestly, the law school girls carrying three huge books in their arms just so they can carry a designer bag look uncomfortable and silly. Trust me, I HATE backpacks but it is hard to avoid them when you have 40 pounds of books and a computer to carry. As for firms, I think anything understated would suffice. You definitely wouldn't want anyone to judge you based on your bag. Good luck with your first year!
  10. This is a very good point. I went through law school with a backpack. It wasn't the most stylish, but I also didn't have neck, back and shoulder aches (well, anymore than necessary). Putting all of your books and the computer in a shoulder bag is going to be very painful. And the computer I had during law school still cost more than any bag I own, to date, so I would not have put it in a bag that was designed to look good, but not necessarily to protect the computer. In between classes, we bumped those computers into a lot of things, people and doors :smile:
  11. i carried a backpack to and from lawschool every day. laptops get heavy and law school books are huge and weigh a ton. also, the girls at law school don't have flashy bags - most carry the kate spade vinyl totes or just a backpack. also, the women at law firms don't really have flashy bags either - a few of the stylish girls will, but mostly the women just lug their stuff in nonflashy leatherware. i would suggest putting the money towards a cute bag you can use on weekends and nights out and buying a northface for school.
  12. First of all, thanks to everyone for the advice! I'm going to be at UVA, where there are lockers, and my apartment is about a 5 minute walk away. I really like the idea of using a backpack from my apartment and back, and then a smaller bag for class to class. I also definitely don't want to be judged on my bag on the first day of classes. Maybe I'll take a look around at what other people are using and what makes sense with my course schedule/book load.

    Keep the suggestions coming!
  13. Chloe edith.

    If the medium doesn't fit the laptop, there is a large size one..