Designer Bag For A Funeral......?

  1. I was just wondering, after seeing a pic of a celeb at a funeral with an orange Prada bag :confused1:, what sort of bag - make, colour and size - is appropriate for a funeral :crybaby:?

    For instance, I have a brown Prada Cervo :heart:, a brown Fendi Spy a brown Chloe Paddington.

    A black Mulberry Emmy, a black Mulberry bayswater, a black Balenciaga Lariat

    A red Dior Gaucho :heart:, a Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram and Cabas Mezzo Monogram (those two - definitely not - for obvious reasons!) :sweatdrop:

    And I think that's it......

    And which one would I consider taking to a funeral? Probably the PRADA CERVO. or the Dior Red Gaucho. I'd want it to be demure and elegant:cutesy::cool:, but big enough to be noticable and obviously designer - so people would think I'm fancy :winkiss:!!!!

    What would you guys tote to a funeral?
  2. Wow, an orange Prada bag isn't exactly "respectful" at a funeral.. it kind of screams attention.

    Of all funeral bags, I think that an Hermes Birkin or Kelly would be perfect because they're formal and structured and classy. But out of your bags, I'd have to go with the Prada!
  3. I'm thinking a black speedy mini lin would be perfect. :yes:
  4. I don't really feel a funeral is the place to be shouting 'hey look at my fantastic designer bag' so personally i'd probably go for the black mulberry bayswater - understated, elegant and can fit a huge box of tissues if they are needed!!!
    What a morbid topic!!!!
  5. I'd hope that if you're attending a funeral, you're not really concerned about the bag you're carrying. Hopefully you'd be focused on comforting the bereaved family. Putting a lot of thought into your funeral wardrobe seems pretty tacky to me.
  6. I'd say it depends on the deceased and/or your relationship to him/her.
    In a normal, traditional setup I would opt for the black Lariat. Demure and unfussy.
    If it involves a distant relative you weren't particularly fond of, leaving you a hefty inheritance: the Red Dior Gaucho. Or anything in orange.
    If it's an old pal from the biker's club passed away in a freak motoring accident: well, from time to time those black, coffin-shaped "goth" handbags pop up on eBay...

    (sorry if I'm distasteful - didn't mean to!)
  7. anything dark color will be fine..but not a orange color..I saw that picture and hate it...spy would be great choice
  8. In a way considering what's appropriate to wear not to offend the mourners is a way of showing respect.
  9. It's like your outfit. It is o.k. to be wearing designer, but you want something dark that does not draw attention away from the purpose of the event. I have used my black speedy, my damier alma and my black coach pebble tote. It also depends on where you are coming from. If I am coming from home chances are I will use a small bag but if I am stopping in from work I will probably have a tote with me. The main reason we are there is to show respect for the family and the deceased and I would never want to draw attention away from that.
  10. I'm sorry to say I kinda feel the same way. Even if I wasn't close to the deceased, my focus would be on the grieving. Just grab a bag and go cause at that point it should only be a means to carry your stuff around. Like kleenex.
  11. I think any bag in a neutral or subdued color that coordinates with your hopefully subdued appropriate clothing would be fine. Avoiding bright, cheerful, noisy (lots of clanking stuff hanging off of it), or blingy bags is common sense. Putting some thought into funeral attire can also be viewed as a sign of respect.
  12. I was at a funeral just last week, and I carried my Black Botkier Sasha bag. Honestly, I was surprised to see the "casual" looks of some of the mourners that attended - jeans, cropped pants, bright floral dresses (even a red YSL muse-like bag!!)
  13. You're right, but the OP's words were:
    I'd want it to be demure and elegant:cutesy::cool:, but big enough to be noticable and obviously designer - so people would think I'm fancy :winkiss:!!!!

    I consider what to wear to a funeral very carefully, but it's not with this in mind!
  14. I sort of had this dilemma when my aunt died a couple of months ago. I just didn't want to be flashy. But um....I really don't want to be noticable nor do I care about people thinking I am "fancy". Lol that kind of makes me giggle.
  15. lol yeah I see your point better now.

    I think she doesen't know the deceased too well. :sweatdrop: