Designed by Beyonce -

  1. I read these pumps were designed by the singer Beyonce - I must say she has very good taste in heels and definitely knows whats HOT!

    Don't you think?

    Designed by Beyonce.jpg
  2. HOT!!!!!!!!! Are these House of Dereon's??
  3. Yes ! Dont you just LOVE them?

  4. I really like this particular pair of heels--don't like her jeans, though, from that line.
  5. very pretty:yes:
  6. not for me but cute for others
  7. Hot!! Super cute.
  8. Those are nice!!!

    But where have I been, Beyonce designs for House of Dereon?!?!!
  9. Woah! I just read the history behind House of Dereon! I never would've guessed Beyonce was part of it.

    But yea, their stuff is SOOO beautiful
  10. those shoes are hot .. i love the black pair
  11. Love the shoes. She has great taste!
  12. House of Dereon shoes are HOT...I haven't bought any yet, but hoping to soon!
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