Design Your Perfect Carly...

  1. I have yet to purchase a Carly b/c I just haven't been able to find the right one. I love the whisky and natural colors from my legcay collection (whiskey ali and natural leather slim tote) but believe the camel leather on the Carly isn't quite right for me.

    I have to say I'm being tempted by the Denim carly coming out, though....

    If I could design my perfect Carly, it would be either a whiskey leather or dark jade leather with the legacy stripe lining inside.

    What would your perfect Carly look like?;)
  2. After looking at the beautiful chocolate Carly posted, I also think a pale pink with saddle cotton signature Carly would be drop dead gorgeous...
  3. parchment with chambray!

    or parchment with punch. :p hehe. gotta dream big.
  4. ^^love that idea Kallison!
  5. i want a parchment carly, even if it just has black. :push:
  6. It would have a 4 inch longer strap.
  7. I would like a Carly done in a plum leather with pewter leather accents and hardware, yumyum!
  8. ^^Heck yeah! Black is hot!
  9. :yes: :yes: :yes: love that idea!
  10. Bright Pink with silver trim or maybe Orange or bright green or purple , I love bright colors , I wish Coach still made stuff in really bright fun colors ,some ofthe stuff out now looks to tame for me
  11. i would love to have a pink carly....i absolutely love pink and would do anything to have one come out in that color....but anything cute would be good! :yahoo:
  12. black on black with NICKEL hardware!!!
  13. My PERFECT Carly would be made from last year's scribble print with silver (nickel) hardware and the leather trimmings would be white.
  14. A Large Camel Suede Carly that is Stain, Dirt and Waterproof!
  15. :dothewave: I'm with kidlearner :yes: