--- Design Your own Louis Vuitton ---

  1. Hi, I thought it would be fun for us all to try and design our dream Louis Vuitton bags. Show us what you think LV should come up with next for limited Editions. I made two bags using paint but you could also use Photoshop (Im no good with photoshop)...anyways here are what I think LV should come up with next.
    1 = Monogram Blocks, 2 = Monogram peacock :smile: . I would love to see your Ideas too. Thanks

  2. Oh fun I'm gunna try!!
  3. Ok I got it! Oh man how do I send it to mt blackberry??
  4. lol bad photoshop but....you get it...a dark brown and navy damier speedy with yellow interior....mmmm....
  5. sorry I dont know...Im not good at technology :crybaby:
  6. I love it ! I will have one of them :graucho: :graucho:
  7. I won't even try because photoshop just makes me angry, I'm usually pretty decent with computers, but I have serious issues with photoshop. I like the idea of different colors for the Damier though. I might be kind of cool to try something like that with the Mono too.
  8. I wouldn't exactly be able to do it right but I'd want a line with the same pieces as the Cerises, done by Murakami, but instead of cherries, they'd be hearts. And they'd have the same faces as the cherries and be different colors (pinks, blues, purple, red, yellow, orange, etc.) In general, they'd be the same different colors as those hard candies called Runts. I just think it'd be cute. It's hard to describe but eh.
  9. I doubt that Louis Vuitton will ever put hearts on anything . . . it would probably hurt their ongoing lawsuit against Dooney and Bourke, since that's one of DB's big things right now (hearts)
  10. multicolor hearts with the faces would be SOOOOOOO cute!! i love the cerises faces i think that anything would be cute with those little faces :heart:...im going to try and photoshop it for you...
  11. you guys read my mind about the hearts! i did this at work earlier but purse forum is blocked! dont make fun of me hahaha
    u like 2.jpg u like1111.JPG
  12. [​IMG]I call this Speedy Internationale. they could do a whole Limited Edition Line of the US, Spain, UK, Japan and a cople other countries flags intercrossed with the Fench flag
  13. I think this would be great for a limited edition line. Speedy Internationale. Takethe flags of the countries that produce LV..France, Spain and the US and add the UK, Japan and maybe a few more countries and criss cross them all with the French flag

  14. True, but theirs are scribble hearts.
    And D&B doesn't have patents on hearts so there's no reason any other company can't do it, IMO.
  15. Thanks! I just love the little cartoon faces..they're too cute :smile:
    Maybe stars, also. I'm a sucker for those big eyed characters. :love: