Design your own Jimmy Choo Handbag!

  1. If you could design your own Choo bag, how would it look? Or, if that perfect bag shape already exists, would you want it in another material or color? You can draw upon existing leathers/skin and hardware types, or suggest new ones.

    I'll go first:
    I would want a bag in the biker leather...I love that material. The color would be a dark forest green. I'd like antiqued matte nickel hardware. The shape I would like it in would be the Ring, with two modifications: One, the thin metal strip on the strap would be replaced with a small logo plate, or gone altogether. And two, the height of the bag would be reduced by 3 inches. And the belt would be in a matching smooth calf leather. I'd get this bag in a medium to dark grey with antiqued matte brass hardware too! :graucho:

    How about you?
  2. Well, I've thought and thought and thought some more and since originality is not my strong bag would look suspiciously very close to yours! :graucho:

    I LOVE the idea of the forest green biker leather, but I would keep the hardware gold since I like dark green and gold together. I also agree that the metal tag on the strap could be made a bit more discreet or left off the bag entirely (it is a bit odd, isn't it?). I'd keep the bag the same size and shape since shortening it would make it almost the same size and style as the Riki, and I think I would prefer the belt to be dark green watersnake rather than leather.

    I also wouldn't mind seeing the Ring bag done in a dark green suede with gold hardware! I would then want the belt going through the rings to be suede as well.

    Hmm....who knows, maybe one day we'll see our bags on the JC site or in a boutique! :love:

    This is a fun thread....can't wait to see what the other Choo girls come up with! :woohoo:
  3. Hi!

    I've actually seen a biker ramona in dark forest green. It was in the London Sloane Street store a few weeks ago and was gorgeous. Really deep green but it was definitely different from the black biker ramona (which I have and looove to bits). Same hardware as the other ramonas, unfortunately the designers at jc haven't completely read your mind -yet!
  4. Are you teasing me??? :nuts: I am calling them on Monday!
  5. Ooh, the Choo Gods must have heard you Jburgh! I hope you get the green biker Ramona, forest green is such a lovely, classic color! :tup:

    Let us know what happens on Monday! :yes:
  6. Nope, definitely not teasing you. It was exactly the same style as the other biker leather /watersnake ramonas but in a very dark green. It was beautiful. I saw it at the start of the season (soon after the sales) and again about 2 weeks ago.:tup:
  7. And by the way JC on Sloane St is open on Sunday between 12 and 5 London time so you don't have to wait till Monday. Good luck!
  8. Thanks - London is seven hours ahead, so I'll call first thing in the morning!
  9. could have Mr. and Mrs. Mertz swing by London on their way home from Germany to pick the bag up for you! It's just a hop and a skip! :lol:

    Good luck on getting the bag though....I agree with you about the biker leather, and in green I'm sure it would be really pretty! Maybe the Ring or the Riki will be next in green? :girlsigh:
  10. Only has the sneaky-snake trim. That throws a monkey wrench into the works! What customs nighmare awaits? A rhetorical question, we know a customs nightmare indeed awaits.
  11. Hi

    If its any help, I am coming to Chicago on the 23rd of Nov for a week. If you really really want the bag I'm sure we could sort out you having it without customs hassle. Hope they still have it, let us know.
  12. Hi,
    I've just been to jc on Sloane St to pick up some shoes I needed repaired. Saw Ramona and Riki in dark green biker leather. Also saw bits of the cruise collection. Have to say the perforated suede with gold baubles isn't doing it for me. The poppy mahala and maddy however are tdf!!! Lovely orangey red colour. Its the only thing I really love from the cruise collection. The patent rikis / ramonas are too shiny for my liking.
    Tried to take you a pic of the green biker leather with my phone but I was the only person in the store and had the SA right behind me, sorry!!
  13. I just talked to Casey at the Chicago Choo boutique. She said they didn't get that green one in, but she will check on grabbing me one somehow...or at least sending me a few pictures. Casey is the best! She also said that the European buy is very different from the US buy. So, drpn21, there may be several different bags there that we don't even know about here. Someday I'll have to make a pilgrimage to the homeland, LOL.

    I'm with you on the Cruise collection. I'm not loving the bags with the large gold domed studs across the strap and front. But I love the Poppy Mahala. Still haven't seen the Neon blue patent and suede Mahala bag yet, IRL. Did you see that one?
  14. I bought the Ubai wallet in eel skin from Autumn/Winter collection - it is classic looking with just a couple of studs on it and the gold JC logo on clasp. Now in the Cruise collection it has several large gold domed studs as well plus gold rings! Totally OTT!
  15. If Casey sends you pics of the green bag, please post them OK? From the descriptions I've read so far I'm thinking it's darker than I would like, but hopefully it's exactly what you're looking for and Casey will be able to find one for you! It would also be nice to avoid customs if possible. Stupid :sneaky: snake!

    Of all the bags I've seen from the new collection the only one I like is the Poppy Mahala, but not being a fan of the Mahala that leaves me out. So I think for my next bag I'm going to take the plunge and go for a BV....I do looove the woven leather on those bags! I'm certainly not looking for anything right now, but maybe after Christmas a new bag will be just the thing to get me over those post-holiday blues! ;)