design suggestions for 1.5 ct pear shaped diamond ring

  1. please post suggestions in form of pics or words for desgn recommendations for my 1.5 carat pear shaped diamond ring ......:smile:

    do a search in the "show me the ring" section and you'll find lots of ideas. my personal favorite right now is halos for pears. or pears with pear sidestones. :drool:
  3. I think side baguettes look beautiful with pears, and create a very classic look.
  4. Yes, very Harry Winston! :yes:

    The other pear look I like is halo'ed with pink diamonds set in rose gold.
  5. I agreee with the side baguettes and I've also seen them with trilions.

    The first ering my dad gave my mom was a pear. I think it is sooo beautiful and I am hoping that she'll give it to me some day.
  6. you know every time i get a stone be it my 1.3 carat each solaitre earrings or this 1.5 carat stone i am getting i always think they are small after a couple of days....
    is it just me or do some of you feel the same?...