Design Star -- Season 2

  1. Did anyone watch last night? My early guess is the woman with the odd hair is going to be a serious contender for the prize.

    I don't think anyone could ever be as cool as last year's winner, David Bromstad.
  2. ^^ Oh no! I missed it. :sad: I'll have to check the guide for repeats.

  3. I definitely agree!

    We were hoping that Alice (runner up from Season 1) would be a judge. I really liked her!
  4. Me too, I liked Alice's personality a lot.

    Wordpast, I think the regular time for this season is now on Sundays at 9 so I hope you get a chance to follow it!;)
  5. Last night's show was sort of dull, I thought. Neither team produced very good results in their kitchen makeovers. If I had been the client, I would have been very disappointed, but they seemed pleased with the results.:okay: