Design Star on HGTV

  1. Has anyone been watching Design Star? I was curious about last night's episode and what happened to all the kitchen cabinets that were purchased but not used? Or were they? The way the show was edited I couldn't decide.
  2. Leelee ~ I Love This Show! :smile: As For The Cabinets ~ I Think They Probably Returned Them??? Or Got Store Credit.
  3. I also love this show! I got hooked on it after I saw that one lady who had gotten thrown off..the one who did the mural of the other lady on her team. I think she also painted a vaccuum cleaner and put it up on the roof's garden area. I was entertained by that lol.
  4. I Liked Vanessa (NJ).....But, She's Gone. I Was So Glad They Got Rid Of Donna (Tx) Last Night. I Can't Believe How Little She Did.....I Can't Believe She Is A Designer IRL ~ Scary!

    I Think Temple Is Going To Win.
  5. I'm so glad you all like this show too! The lady who painted the mural and the vacuum had such strange taste in decorating. And bagluv, I agree with you about Donna. It seems that in the last episode she only did the shopping and complained about how tired she was, when Tym and David did about 1,000 more work than she did. LOL!!

    Anyway, it's a fun show and from what I understood Clive to say, they will not be working in teams anymore.
  6. LeeLee ~ I Like When They Work Alone......You See Much More About Each Person's Talents!
  7. This Past Week Was So Good.....I Can't Wait To See This Week!!!
  8. I think it was a good episode too! Who do you think will win?
  9. I Think David Is A Little Better (Maybe Just Different)....In My Eyes! The Judges Really Seem To Like Alice On Camara.....She's A Doll ~ Either Way ~ They Definitely Have Two Great Designers!!!!

    How About You?
  10. Well, I am equally cheering for both of them!!!!! They both are talented and have a lot of charisma and personality. I'd be happiest if there could be a tie and they both won! I just don't know who I'll vote for this week. I completely agree with you that Alice "is a doll".
  11. I Would Love If They Could Work Together...I Know, Can't Happen :sad:

    I Guess We Will Know (Who To Vote For) By Watching This Week! :smile:
  12. I Can't Wait To See This Tonight!!!!! :smile:
  13. What a challenge! A glass house, no less! I'm hoping David wins now that they've had the final "test". Alice's was cute, but not cute enough (for me).
  14. Davids blew the other one away..His is definately the winner:yes:
  15. :yes:
    I couldn't agree more.:yes: