Design of the Birkin


Mar 10, 2006
I am pretty happy with the design of the Birkin, except for the short handles. The JPG has longer handles, but that was limited edition. Do you think Hermes will design a longer handled Birkin but in the same square shape (not rectangular like JPG)? I have a Kate Spade Sam that is the same size and shape as the Birkin in size 30, and it is easier to carry than the Birkin. Or is the original Birkin the preferred design? I have heard complaints about people getting pains from carrying the Birkin (such as from Jane Birkin herself). Will the Birkin be still as popular if it had longer handles? Will Hermes design such a bag now that Ms. Birkin has complained? Any opinions?


is on a bag hiatus
Feb 3, 2006
one of the reasons why i've never been too thrilled about the birkin is because it is a top-handle, so it's a bit more restricting, IMO. if the handles were long enough to be carried on the shoulder, especially for the "tall birkins" (not quite sure what the proper name for this birkin is), i'll probably lust after it, lol.


Sep 13, 2005
I remember asking my SA if loops could be installed so I could attach shoulder straps :lol: He laughed and said that its not like the Kelly and that they've never done that. I like it as just a handbag though :biggrin: Wouldn't use it if I needed handsfree, thats why I'd probably want a birkin and a Kelly.