design her gals

  1. Hey I saw this on Oprah!! it's sooo cute!! You design your own gal just to look like you!!! You can choose a balenciaga bag or even a burberry bag just to go with you!!!

    its Personalized stationery by - Party Invitations, Stickers, Note Cards, and more.

    Go to it, make a version of yourself and lets post em up so we can see them!! I don't know if you can make a link for it but you can take a screen shot of it and then just crop it!!

    I spent a while on it.. I think i'm just way too overly excited :yahoo:
  2. oh yeah hehehe on to get you started you just look for the get started button on the right hand column :smile:
  3. heres mine :smile: hehehe well it's not exactly how I look.. one thing is off, the hermes bag.. I like to dream :graucho:

  4. I love them. I have ordered from them before. Plus they are for a good cause. :smile:
  5. This was alot of fun!! Here I am... with my new Bbag!
  6. This is awesome...Thanks for sharing....
  7. I Have Ordered From This Company Before......I Love It!!!! Super Cute!!!!! :smile:
  8. Cute site! Thanks for sharing.