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  1. I don't mean to be hoggish with threads, but THIS CAN"T WAIT!!!!

    GO VOTE!
  2. OK, is it just me or is the "Click" link not working...

    Please say it is just me....
  3. ^ Nope. Link is dead for me too. I hope they fix it soon.
  4. Let me just say... POOP!
  5. not working for me either!! sonofa....!
  6. I sure hope Ignacio is checking his emails right now!
  7. Bummer! I wanted to vote!
  8. I even resorted to launching internet explorer (I use firefox) and it let me click but it just re-loaded the top page. I hope they are in the process of launching this and will fix the bug.
  9. lmao @ both HikerChick and Euridice!

    Off topic- HC- I am jealous of your location for hiking! The NE is so pretty for hiking. I go w/ a friend but here in FL, the scenery is so different and not all that enjoyable unless you get pretty deep into the woods and then it is bug and snake city- there are not the natural creeks and ponds really up North either here- and if there is a natural body of water, hello snakes and gators. I plan on relocating someday, but not right now.
  10. laughing at me and hikerchick? sniff! Just kidding.

    I have to say, the other two designs look intriguing.
  11. Yea, elizat! Another hiker! The access to wilderness was one of the reasons we moved here. It is unlike anything I've experienced. I love being able to go down the road and not see a soul! We have timber rattlers, but they are SO rare that people get excited when they see one! (I haven't.) Sounds like you may have to visit... (hint, hint) When trying to decide which bag to get, I told Ignacio that I didn't weant something too heavy then realized that, next to a hike pack, nothing would be heavy!

    I know there isn't much terrain to speak of, but FL has some of the most wonderful birding trails in the country! My in-laws have a place in Ft. Pierce, and we go bird-watching with them. The Everglades is on of my favorite bird-watching places!
  12. That tote w/ pockets reminds me of a MBMJ bag...

    HC- yes, bird watching is nice here. I'm in the Tampa Bay area and there are some okay county nature parks here that have trails, but it is so overcrowded you have to go to a park w/ a trail b/c there is not really open land to speak of. Plus, no terrain like you pointed out. I really like going out. I grew up in NW PA for a bit and even though the area was basically like rural WV as far as values and social issues go, it was pretty. We lived out in a really rural area w/ a house that backed up to acres of woods. Even as a kid I liked going out and just enjoying the scenery. There was a big creek w/ a natural beaver dam too that was always neat to watch- plus you could swim in the creek in the summer!
  13. My mom is from Charleston, WV so I know EXACTLY what you mean. Absolutely beautiful, rugged part of the country, but terribly depressed economically. She married the first Yank she met (my dad, so hurray for me)! And it sounds like we led opposite childhoods; I lived in a small city with tons of neighbors and not much wilderness at all. Your acres of woods sounds perfect for adventures. I know my boys love to spend time by the small creek behind our place. Sounds like your's was just as magical.
  14. #14 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    It's working.

    dh tells me NOW he could have done illustrator on my design. Great. But he suggests Trudy in LL's Luka ostrich two tone...LL, your Luka has converted him!
  15. I voted! Good luck ladies!