Design and quote from California Closets!

  1. Hey all, I had a design rep come out and come up with a solution for my closet woes. [Not sure if there is a CC thread already; couldn't find one in a search...]

    It was too funny - she was supposed to come mid afternoon and around lunch time i was about on my way out the door to go running and she called...she had a cancellation and wanted to come earlier if that was OK.

    I figured, what the heck? The funny part was I had not had any time to straighten up my closet mess so it was good she got to see how it "really" is.

    We did 3 closets (my walk-in, my office closet and my 3rd bedroom closet (which she aptly named "Hockey and Handbags" as that tiny closet hosts my hockey jerseys and socks plus is overflowing with a handbag mess (oh and grandma's heirloom china boxed up on the floor). Plus my laundry area too. I'm so excited!

    I know these guys are pricey but the quote was actually a lot less than I figured. I'm going to get one more quote just to be sure.

    Anyone dissapointed with their CC results? Everyone I've talked to just raves about them.
  2. When we move I plan on converting a bedroom into my dream closet/makeup room. I was thinking of going with California Closets as well. I would love to hear everyone's California Closets reviews too!
  3. I had them do the walk-in in my master bedroom, paid about $2,500 and love it. It really maximized my space and keep everything organized and easy to find. I can't stand a messy closet! Very easy to alter when your needs change. I just wish my closet was bigger! I would definatly have them do the closet in my next home as well.
  4. I have California Closets in my house.

    I got beach colour in my closet, I got 8 closets all around the room (the ones with no doors) and then an island in the middle with drawers, and for my shoe room I have like the same as my closet but with shelfs for the shoes.
    I am really happy with mines, even though it is kinda pricey, but its definitely worth it.
    I'll try take some pictures and put them up!

  5. I highly recommend the custom closets ... in Atlanta we have access to
    California Closets (
    Spacemakers ( and
    Closets and More (
    They may be available in other ciites as well ...

    I work in the custom home business; so I see a a lot of closets. I personally chose Spacemakers to complete my closets and my business partner used Closets and More for his loft. I have heard that California Closets is the highest of the three ... but it is so worth the money to have a custom closet. I can not rave enough about the difference that it makes in my overall dress. I do not waste space on clothing I will never wear, my purses are visible and protected (glass doors) and everything is on dispay in an organized way so I wear all my clothing.
  6. ^^ Very nice!! love the idea of glass doors to keep things protected, esp our precious bags!
  7. 6 years ago, I had a closet company (might be CC) come over and do a closet for one wall of our garage. I just want it for our shoes. They were charging us $3K for it. I don't want to spend that much for shoes closet in the garage, so I just have shelves now where I keep all of our shoes.
  8. I've always thought custom closets were so chic, I'm happy you're getting one! I can't wait till I have a house, the closet in my dorm room is 2'10'' by 7' :sad: