Desicions, Desicions, Desicions, Blake or Venetia

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I need your help. As a you know I have been on the hunt for a Blake in Bourdeaux. While searching I came across a black Venetia for great price. Both are classic bags and I could picture myself with both. What do I do hold out for the Blake that may never show up or get the Venetia which is a great price??? I have a ZC and coin purse in Bourdeaux. Help!!!
  2. Blake Blake Blake Blake!!! :dothewave:
  3. Thanks I saw that bag on e-bay. I could get the Venetia for a bit less. Than the Blake starting bid...
  4. I have a venetia and it is a great bag, lots of room easy to carry and I can put it on my shoulder if I am not wearing a coat. I say go for it you will be very happy with that choice!!
  5. Black Venetias are easy to find (but most with silver hardware are super fakes ALWAYS authenticate before bidding) so I would definitely get the bordeaux Blake. :love: I have both and I get a ton more compliments on the bordeaux Blake because of the rich color.
  6. The black Venetia has yellow hardware and is at a Department store so I am not worried about it being fake
  7. Regardless, I still think you should purchase the bordeaux Blake instead. Black Venetias with gold hardware were available for multiple years/seasons and can be readily found on eBay (some for as little as $300.00) whereas the bordeaux color is unique and will not be produced again.
  8. My vote goes to the Bordeaux Blake too! Good luck! :tup:
  9. I checked the prices of the Veneitas on e-bay. I can get one at a good price. I will hold out for the bordeaux blake. Now if I can just find one. I missed the one on e-bay :sad: The hunt continues!
  10. calibaggal, you know which bag I would choose ;)

    ...although I wouldnt mind owning both. I do love the venetia :yes: If u decide to pass on the Venetia, please PM me where I can call to buy it :nuts:
  11. ^ Will do Coach Superfan
  12. I have considered this a lot myself - here are my thoughts.
    PROS for Blake: Blake can fit over the shoulder (MAJOR pro!), blake has great compartments (three as opposed to the one compartment in the Venetia!), Blake is a little more compact.
    CONS for Blake/Pros for Venetia: Venetia looks a little more elegant if you can stand to carry it in your hand; Blake is really heavy (this didn't bother me before but has bothered me a little more with time), Blake doesn't fit quite as much as it looks like it might while Venetia seems to have more space to me.

    Hope this helps. Both are great bags!
  13. ^ How heavy is the Blake compared to the Venetia?
  14. i would choose the bordeaux blake too. i usually prefer the venetia to the blake, but bordeaux is too beautiful of a color to pass up. i really wish they had released a bordeaux venetia. that would've been heavenly.

    in my experience, i find the blake to be lighter than the venetia.