Desgin Your Own Beautiful Closet Room!!!

  1. OK, have you ever dream of having a beautiful closet room?


    Click it here below

  2. [​IMG]
  3. i love the i wish i can afford it..... so pretty
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]

    that's so lovely!

    Prices are based on space, design, materials, finish, accessories, custom features and installation.
  6. They are so cute!

    What's the website?
  7. i can only dream of that kind of closet....maybe.......
  8. wowsa...that is so beautiful. A girl can dream *sigh*
  9. I love big closets.
  10. That's what I'm looking to do in my bedroom on the empty wall. However mines will be Ikea. That's more in my price range.
  11. My favorite is the very first picture. Ohhhhh, SO gorgeous!!!!! Some day, some day...

    Thanks for sharing!
  12. Ooh! Love closets, especially the customized walk-in kinds! That is my first objective when I get a house!
  13. i'm lucky enough to have a closet room; buut not the budget to buy fittings like that, plus we move a bit so can;t get built-ins..
    i'm with you, elongreach - ikea all the way for me..

    so far, i have.. 2 bookshelves with nice shoes on them, 1 wheely clothes rack w lil drawers for socks etc, a small drawer unit for cosmetics etc, with a mirror on top, 3 large drawer bureaus for clothes, with shoes and jewellery and mirrors laid out on top, and a hatstand for everyday jackets, scarves, and bags..

    it's all so makeshift atm..

    i'd like.. beautiful tall wardrobes for dresses and jackets, more bookshelves for bags and shoes, a centre ottoman to sit on, and a lovely dressing area (spotlights and a 3way mirror)
  14. now would that money not be better spent on filling the closet? i know for me an ikea compramise for more stuf would be my decision