Desert Mauve Paraty... My first, not my last!

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  1. :hugs:Hi there, C4H! Life's so busy these days that I've only had time to pop in and out on tpf. But I always check in here in Chloe. I can't believe how big your precious boy is! I'm sure he's great to snuggle with! Your paraty is gorgeous -- I wish to get another some day. I just purchased an Ethel; I'm so excited to get it. I'm a Chloe girl at heart.

  2. Thanks, Chloé75!

    Thanks, ppinkiwi! You have an excellent point there, multi-bags in one bag, I like that! I haven't seen a "blush" yet so I can't comment on the likeness, but I bet it's gorgeous!

    Oh my, an Ethel! Can't wait to see your reveal and mod pics! I hear ya about being a chloé girl, I'm starting to understand what all the fuss is about. Speaking of which, lol, my DS is almost 2! He's elongated since his baby pic in my avatar, and very very active and even more opinionated (much like momma), as you can probably imagine.:lol:
  3. Somehow I got past the display and pet phase, so ootd yesterday and today. I'm 5'5" for reference.

  4. Love, love, love!!! Looks great on you!! I just love how Paraty can dress up or down and goes with everything!
  5. Thanks so much, Eehlers! I totally agree, the Paraty is one of the most versatile in my collection!
  6. Great modelling shots and she looks great dressed up or down :smile: Absolutely gorgeous colour!
  7. Thanks, cupcake! :biggrin:
  8. Great mod shots! Can't believe that your boy's 2 already! How time flies! I will definite post pics of the Ethel when I get her in my hot little hands.

  9. I posted these in the action thread but wanted to have them all in one place for reference.

  10. Thanks, kdo! It's hard for me to believe that it's been 2 yrs since his birth and that I've been a momma for that long! So much has happened and changed since; life is full of surprises!
  11. Very pretty indeed.
  12. Thanks for the mod shots, make me want one even more! beautiful bag!
  13. Thanks so much, ladies! :biggrin:
  14. Wow, your purse is just gorgeous! And I love all you outfits, they match perfectly with your new Paraty.
  15. Thanks, Younna! You are too kind!