Desert Mauve Paraty... My first, not my last!

  1. Hello Chloé ladies!

    I received my first Paraty in Desert Mauve and I must say, it took my breath away! Stock pics did not do any justice of its true color. It is quite a chameleon, like most of Chloé colors seem to be. Ranges from grey, dusty pink, lavender, full on mauve. In terms of tone, I find it is quite in the middle of warm and cool, which makes it versatile!
    All of the twists, turns, folds, pleats, and the bag remains light weight. Amazing!
    The shape reminds me of a skirt or dress, a super elegant one!

    After staring at her for awhile, she seems to be closest in color to the first photo and the last photo, on my screen.

  2. Just GORGEOUS.
  3. She is lovely!! Congrats!
  4. Thanks, ladies! I'm head-over-heels in love!
  5. Congratulations! Lovely bag! I could look at your pics all day! And I probably will!
  6. Love love love and I want one! Congrats, I love this color paraty.
  7. Thanks for the close ups - she's a beauty!
  8. So pretty!!!! Its hard to find a desert mauve!!!
  9. Such a beautiful bag!! I need one myself!
  10. Simply beautiful! Enjoy, C4H!

  11. Gorgeous colour! Congrats
  12. Ha! Thanks, pree! What a beautiful pup on your avatar!

    Thanks, blue! Me too, this color's pretty special! I send you good bag vibes, hope you can get one soon!

    Thanks, pursexoxo!

    Thanks, koalala. I didn't realize it was htf! I think there're some mediums on Hgbagsonline has a large. I send you good bag vibes too!

    Thanks, bag lover! Yes, you need one!

    Hi, kdo!!! There you are! I missed ya! I hope you're doing well. :hugs::heart:
  13. Thanks, aidan!
  14. Gorgeous! Love the color. Congrats!
  15. Oh my! Your bag took my breath away. Gorgeous!