Desert Marcelle

  1. I know a few ladies have wondered about the Marcelle in desert, well here are some pics to show you exactly what it's like. I personally love the desert color on the Marcelle. Yes, the leather picks up a few scratches, but it just adds to the distressed effect, which is oh so nice. The color is muted, natural and earthy. Definitely a winner in my eyes.
    Marcelle-Desert-1.JPG Marcelle-Desert-3.JPG Marcelle-Desert-4.JPG Marcelle-Desert-5.JPG
  2. So glad you finally got one! And I agree, as someone who has owned the Marcelle in every color, the Desert's muted, earthly tone just really suits the style. You've already heard how I've put my Marcelle through its paces and how it still holds up. Just an all around great bag.

    Enjoy!! :yahoo:
  3. I would love to get a Marcelle and the desert is really pretty. Can you please tell me how it fits on the shoulder? What is the strap drop? I'm average size, but can only where a shoulder bag (I tuck it under my arm as I follow young kids around). Thanks!
  4. You know how I love the Marcelle, Mini, your desert looks fab!

    Gracie, the Marcelle is quite comfortable on the shoulder, a great bag to tuck under your arm and easy to get into:smile:
  5. That's one of my favorite colors, too; it goes with everything! Did you just get it? Well it's gorgeous either way.
  6. I love the desert shade! And the leather is so nice too on the desert bags.
    My first ever Kooba was a desert scarlett, and every kooba I bought after that just didnt compare leather and colour wise.
    This bag will age nicely too!

    You snared a good 'un there mini! :yes:
  7. Congrats on the new baby! She's purty! I sold mine awhile back....
    How do you like her? Is the color as you had imagined? :jammin:
  8. I have KoobaMe to thank for giving me the heads up as soon as this Marcelle appeared on eBay. Thank you so much. I bought from a really lovely TPFer, who was simply wonderful. She even sprayed protectant on it before sending to me in Saudi Arabia.

    Many of you will know, I previously owned a toffee Marcelle, but we just didn't bond. I think it was the color more than anything, it just didn't go with anything in my wardrobe. I also felt the Marcelle was perhaps a bit too fussy with all those grommets and laces. However, when I saw a picture of KoobaMe's desert Marcelle, I was enamored. It looked so earthy and natural. It surprisingly didn't seem at all fussy in the desert color.

    Gracielou, the gap between the bag and the top of the handles is 7 inches, so it fits comfortably, but I guess it wouldn't fit if wearing a big coat.

    Joelle, the color is exactly what I hoped for. As for the leather, it's a lot softer and more pliable than I imagined. For some reason I thought it would be quite a tough leather with a 'cardboard like' stiffness, but I was wrong, it's fabulously soft. I particularly like the matt finish. It's a keeper!

    Hali, no wonder you cherish your desert Scarlett, I now understand why. You need a desert Marcelle, I know you'd love it.
  9. Well er....I was going to buy one from US eBay but a certain expat beat me to it! Hehehe!:p
  10. Good grief, some people!!! :graucho: I'm on the lookout for you Hali.
  11. Hehehe! Not to worry! I consoled (sp?) myself with a Botkier tan snakeskin Sasha.
    Anyway I think that bag is perfectly suited to your where you are right now.
    Soooo desert-chic!
  12. Mini........she's BEAUTIFUL!! Love that color. Congrats on winning such a beauty, and wear her in good health always. :heart:
  13. Love that bag Mini. Congrats on finally getting one. It's just a great color that goes with everything.
  14. Ahh, I love being able to oogle true Kooba eye candy. Mini, you've found a real gem! What a fantastic color/style combo. ;)