Desert Hills Premium Outlets

  1. Hi, I am going to be going to the Desert HIlls Premium Outlets on my trip to LA during 4th of July weekend. Can people tell me a little bit about it? What is your favorite store? Do they have a lot of handbags (that's what I'm looking most to)? Specifically Dior. What should I not miss? And do the designer stores there sell irregular stuff that I should watch out for? Is the Godiva store an actual outlet? Thanks so much!
  2. I've mostly been disappointed with what I've found there in the higher end stores, but I've also been told you need to find out when they're getting new merchandise and go right then otherwise the good stuff gets picked over. I did get one nice Coach bag several years ago at the Coach outlet there. But mostly I find the less popular styles and colors. Oh, and it will be HOT, so be sure you drink lots of water.

    Also, go early if you're going on a holiday weekend, as parking is a nightmare and the place will be packed.
  3. I also find shopping at DH to be "complex". It is quite large and can be exhausting to navigate. Some of the items sold could have been purchased for lower prices at the department store/boutique sales. It is a bit of a "crap shoot" but can be fun if you score, you wear comfortable shoes, and you "strategize". You might want to check out the website and decide in what shops you want to hit in advance.
  4. the place is HUGE!! As with all outlets it's a hit or miss but it has all the outlets you can dream of, Armani, Gucci,Juicy etc... Have fun!! And wear comfy shoes! PS. They are known for their Date Shakes there (if you try one out, let me know how it is)
  5. oki, tons of designer stores.. space (prada n miu miu), gucci, tods, bottega veneta, furla, ferragamo, dior, Barney's new york outlet, burberry, dolce n gabbana, escada, juicy couture, ysl, versace... this place is so huge.. hope u find tons of stuff.... never liked the gucci store nor the ysl but loved the ferragamo store.. hope u like it too..
  6. As everyone said, the place is huge. As with any outlet, it's hit or miss--it just depends on your timing in relation to their shipments. You can call your favorites ahead to see if they expect new items around the time you are visiting. I've done this with Bottega and they've been very nice and helpful. Their number is 951-849-0348.

    While it's usually hot in July, Cabazon gets a lot of wind, so be prepared.

    P.S. The world-famous date shakes are at Hadleys which is next to the outlet center.
  7. I'll let everyone know what I think of the date shakes. I didn't even know about it. Thanks for the heads up everyone!
  8. I try to go there about once every three to four months. I find the best deals at Armani.

    Be warned, if you purchase a purse from Space (Prada outlet) and there is some kind of problem with it, there is no way to get it repaired by Prada.
  9. ^^When I was living in LA I used to drive down there with about the same frequency. I love the Ferragamo store there too.. also I've found some nice stuff at the Theory outlet there, if you are looking for clothes as well.