Desert Hills Outlet - Mulberry Store!

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  1. Happy Saturday Mulberry Lovers,
    I had the best customer experience the other day at Mulberry outlet located in Cabazon. Even thought I came out empty handed, there was a fantastic employee named Matt King that answered all my inquiries. He also notified me sale this weekend with additional 30% off on select hangbags, clothes and shoes.

    Here's the phone number for store if anyone looking for certain hangbag 951-922-3884, happy shopping! Do share on forum if you end up getting something!

  2. I got the same email from Matt. He helped me with the charge and send on my slate del ray. He is great!
  3. He's helped me a multiple times very sweet! Any info about what bags are on sale?
  4. There were pictures of store displays with trench coats, hot pink accessories, sparkle turtle del ray, deer brown del ray and a black del rey, but nothing said they were the sale bags.
  5. I am going to be in that neck of the woods on holiday later this year, if we have time I might pop in and check it out.
  6. Mulberry from England at Desert Hill outlet this weekend! Somehow I can't attach photos on mobile. If you want pixs, please message me and I'll forward the email or call 951-922-3884.
    Here's what I got
    "There are so many exciting new things that we recently received into the store! I wanted to send you some pictures of some of the new Bayswaters, Alexas, Lillys, and Del Reys and give you a chance to get a classic Mulberry piece. We only received a few of each piece so they are likely to sell out very quickly. We also just received many new Wallets and French Purses in classic colors as well as some great seasonal colors as well." ---Matt King

    Do share if you get any goodies! I'm on purse ban til summer. Just both 2 prada totes lol.
  7. Hope this works!

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  8. LOVE the taupe bays!!
  9. Wow - looks like a great selection! And totally different from what the UK outlets have... these look like much more recent ranges. Happy shopping!
  10. Well done for figuring it,out....great selection of current bags!!!
  11. Wow they do have a lot of the current stocks in the US outlet - jealous
  12. Prices on the current stock isn't that great. They seem to be prices minus the VAT. The red glossy goat small del rey was $1310 when I asked. I know their flame bryns were more than what the UK outlets were selling for (if You convert Pounds to dollars). A 350£ bryn would be less than $700, but Desert Hills wanted $810 plus $20 shipping.
  13. The mood inside the actual boutique doesn't feel like an outlet to me it feels more like an actual store as I remember things were still really expensive and I didn't really feel like I was getting a bargain but they were bags i really really wanted. And also the whole mall was having a sale they were the only boutique not participating very strange!
  14. I feel I got better prices from hgbags on current stock using their promo code. That being said the staff at Desert Hills was nothing but friendly during my calls to them
  15. Yeah the sales associates were nice really great service but I feel like its only worth it If you Lost an opportunity to buy a bag you really wanted or had to save or something. I do agree that some sites seem to have better deals on their big sales vs the outlet. Even with an additional 25% off at the opening the deals weren't to die for... I don't know maybe I'm just going to stick with eBay for a while :smile: lol