Desert Hills BV outlet -- have you been?

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  1. Has anyone shopped at the BV outlet near Palm Springs? If you're in the LA area, that would be a fun road trip. I might give them a call to find out what they have in's the phone # if you're interested:

    (951) 849-0348
  2. I was there at Christmas - they had a lot of seasonal colors and shoes but the store had not been opened long and their stock was pretty thin. I'll be out there again in January - I'm hoping their stock has improved (and that the Loro Piana outlet has opened by then!!)
  3. Hi!
    I go to the Desert Hills (Cabazon) outlet alot. I have never been to the BV store but I would love to check it out!
  4. Hi,
    I was there in late July -- my first visit to Desert Hills -- and saw a lot of bags and accessories in seasonal colours (red, green, yellow, purple). They had two walls of bags and two showcases containing wallets, coin purses, cosmetic bags, and cell phone straps.

    They had the Julie bag in large and small sizes in purple -- quite a beauty. The small Julie was priced around $950. They also had a Campana in a light pink or peach colour (sorry, can't remember now). No Venetas though. There were clothes and shoes too.

    I was looking for a classic bag in Ebano but I knew I wouldn't find it there. Still, visiting the BV outlet was a real treat for me. I'm in western Canada and we don't have BV boutiques.
  5. They definitely have different stuff from Woodbury, so be sure to check both! What one won't have the other may!
  6. you can call both stores and tell them what you are looking for. They can take pics and send them to you. i talked to theresa over the phone from woodbury and she was really sweet. i can't remember the girl's name from Desert Hill BV..
  7. Ask for May or Store Mgr Valentina. They are both very nice.