Desert hailey, woven sage or willis?


Jul 26, 2011
So once again the pce has tempted me. I had originally purchased the natural Willis but it being so light makes me nervous. So should I hold onto it and exchange later for the navy , get the desert hailey or a baby sage? Decisions decisions!


Aug 25, 2010
I saw the Willis and I thought the leather was a tad thin. Also, I just do not carry it well...I liked it in the DD's but the size and shape is wrong for me.

Have a cruise through the Spring 2012 thread and you will find DD's of the Baby Sage in leather and woven leather. I know the thread is long but is worth the look.

I have always loved the Sage shape but was not able to purchase the original version due to the size. The Baby Sage will be a more appropriate size for me. The Hailey's are a nice bag but I lean towards the Sage if given the choice. Just my personal opinion. :biggrin:


Feb 23, 2009
How important is size to you? The Hailey is a medium sized bag, similar in capacity to a medium Zoe or medium Carly or even the original medium Kristin hobos. Willis is a bit smaller, and the new baby Sage though smaller than the original is still quite large. Hailey is perfect size for me, but the baby Sage is much too big and wouldn't work for me. Also, the Sage works well as a satchel, while Hailey and Willis work better on your shoulder. GL!