Desensitized as to price and spending?

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  1. I wonder how many of you think that buying Coach has desensitized you to buying expensive purses, wristlets wallets, etc? My grandmother used to say she would rather put the money in the wallet than pay for the wallet.

    I keep looking at the Borough bag revels and I think about ordering one even though I have never seen it in person. I know that if I did buy one on then decided not to keep it and returned it to the outlet , they would love to get it.

    Usually about $400.00 is my squeak point and I can't even believe I have spent that much on a bag. Even $200 seems like a lot. Then when I think I have multiples of these, I am aghast.

    Why am I even thinking of something else?

  2. I never would have spent it. It was a brain trick. LOL! I had a merchandise credit for probably half the price of the bag for my first, so in my mind, I got it for less. Looking back, I know what I spent, I just didn't spend it all at once. My second was a deal. It was still the $50 less price tag, plus 25% off at Macys, and then I had a $100 GC for Christmas, so again, almost half off.

    Knowing this, that's probably why I can't pull the trigger again. Plus, as much as I love the Vermillion bar stripe, it wouldn't be versatile enough for me. I *think* I know what I want next, unless another killer delete deal comes along via the outlet!
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    $400 is my also my top dollar for a bag. And at that, I want it on sale, LOL. Being a divorced homeowner, everything is on me so I'm not comfortable buying when the fancy strikes me. I am a person who does enjoy saving money; I love to see those digits go up up up in my savings and checking so there is a bonus to laying off the goods for me. I also HATE debt, I refuse to pay interest, it's like flushing money down the toilet.
    I LOVE the Borough's too. Maybe they will eventually let us use PCE's? I remember when Phoebe's were new, Coach wouldn't let us use PCE's but they relented eventually and low and beholed there are Phoebe's at outlet and FOS. I have 3 shelves of bags (ppl think I'm crazy) in my home that I'm enjoying right now and a new clutch--my first purchase since Sept--due to arrive on Friday.
    Great topic!
    Edit: I don't just have a purse thing--It's a leather thing. Belts, jackets, boots, so there's that...
  4. Oh, of course those three shelves were only supposed to be two....
  5. Yes, I can spend money for bags, when I will not spend for other things, even if it's the same price. But I know that anytime one has a hobby or collection one loves, it's going to cost money one way or another. One makes choices, and this is my choice right now.
  6. I always felt sorry for my fashion forward sister who always bought the best of everything. I never understood why she would waste so much money. Her degree: fashion merchandising. My degree: Intl Economics. We were and are at two different ends of the spectrum and I worried she'd eat cat food for her golden years.

    A year ago when my cheap purse broke yet again and I was buying my fourth bag of the year for another $50, it hit me that she had it right putting money into nice quality items that last forever. Hence, my first Coach bag purchase.

    With the exception of my small Sadie that I bought on sale at Macys before Christmas, all my bags have come from the delete section or from MFF from the nearby outlets. I've never spent more than $200 and usually less. While I am a looooong way from ever owning the $600 borough, I now see the value in her quality perspective.

    My mother said the other day while I was admiring the white striped borough in the Coach store window that every girl picks something. My grandmother loved jewelry, my sister loves clothes, and now I'm getting into handbags. It all works as long as it works in your budget.
  7. Regardless of the price I pretty much refuse to buy things that aren't on sale. Even if it's just a few dollars it makes it seem like a deal to me. 😜

    That being said, I don't like spending more than $500 on a purse. I recently started researching other brands like Chloe and Celine and while I love love love the bags I could and would never spend $2000 on something I beat up and change so often.

  8. Very well said! Ditto.
  9. It has definitely desensitized me....i never would have thought I would spend this kind of money on bags. But, I tend to buy only the bags I LOVE on FP...bags that I truly feel excited about and that I think are classics. With bags that I just really like but don't dwell on for days, I buy on deletes or on eBay. That distinction helps me to appreciate my choices and feel comfortable with the prices I was willing to pay. Regardless of price, I think the universal truth is that if you look at it and say "I LOVE that," then whatever you paid is fine. If you look at it and think "that's nice but I probably didn't need it," then it may not have been a great choice even if you bought it on sale. If you have no regrets, then the price was right. :smile:
  10. Yes, I am desensitized.

    However, my Coach bags last. I have Coach bags that are ten years old and look beautiful. They almost strike me as a durable good. So I can justify the price.

    Most of my non-Coach bags have gone bad and been retired.

    At this point, I have gotten pretty good at knowing what I want and being discriminating, so I say "no" to most bags that come out. But if I see one that is a perfect fit for my requirements, I'll grab it. No need to compromise on features, style or quality by buying a bag that is not exactly what I want.

    I would be uncomfortable carrying a bag whose perceived value is "expensive", whatever that means, mostly for safety reasons but also because I don't want the price of the bag to be obvious. That is why I have not been tempted by premier designer bags. Although I do want to come as close as possible to premier designer quality and construction.

    Most of the bags I buy are small and have a lower price point because of that. It makes it easier to pull the trigger. I am now looking for a large professional work bag, and that will probably be pricey. I am not in a hurry, though. I can wait until they make the perfect one.
  11. I do think that we can get desensitized to price--to a point. For me, I have been looking at the Borough for some time but just can't make myself pay that amount without a PCE or discount. I also live close to an outlet so I'm used to getting great deals. That said, I do think I am somewhat desensitized because most people wouldn't spend over $50 on a handbag to begin with. It's funny, though, because I am more budget conscious on everything else. So, while I can justify a Coach bag if it's on sale, I still huff at many prices everywhere else. Is that strange?:P

  12. Well, you had to put that "need" in there.... LOL! I'd be willing to bet, there isn't one person in this board that NEEDS a bag! :biggrin:
  13. I'm not sure if you've considered it or even like it but I use the Bleecker men's business tote for work/school and it's the most amazing bag. It's gorgeous, comfortable, and fits everything I need. I bought it on clearance at the outlet and it was recently on FOS again so it's not too pricey. I love love love that bag so it might be one to consider!
  14. My desensitization started with our first "luxury" SUV. The sticker just about did me in. I really don't like to consider all that we spend, but I agree with paying for quality. Before now, I bought Vera Bradley. Nice bags, but still expensive and they won't last you a year. Why spend it on those bags that won't last, when you can time it right to pay around the same for a bag that will last a lifetime? While I am not one to pay for a name, I have no problem paying for quality! :tup:
  15. Thanks! I have one, in ocean! Love it!

    I am looking for something in black or gray, and more feminine, polished, preferably with silver hardware. I would love to see the large borough in the perfect colorblock, but I don't know what colors that would be. The mini borough colorblock I have has perfect colors (gray/white/camel), but I don't want that much white leather in a large bag (if they come out with a large version). Honestly I don't know if the large borough would work anyway since I don't know exactly what I'll need to carry. I do like the idea of carrying a pair of heels and a laptop, or maybe a surface with keyboard if I have one by then. :P

    I'm also keeping my eye on the large urbane. Love the striped one! But I don't know how it would work for me.

    I tried on a Saint Laurent in black leather and suede and it was beautiful. $3,000. I'm not that desensitized yet. I did like the "look" though.