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  1. Hi All,
    I am not too familiar with Coach but do own about 5. I am selling several and wanted to know what would help with my listings. I have read through the Authenticate the Coach thread for ideas. I have posted several pics of each bag, assured their authenticity 100%, one is a wristlett and does not have the creed inside as it is quite small (It is the one that still has the price tag on it, so that should be helpful, right?) but I have posted as close of a photo as possible but am wondering if it is not quite close enough. The serial number? The style number? If so, where would I find that? (One still has the price tag on it, so I am sure I can look on it, correct?) What is the proper name for the small Coach logo? How about the light brown color?
    Any information would help tremendously.

    Thank you!!