describe your Fur-Baby's Personality

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  1. Hahah:graucho:..thought this would be fun! Pets are like humans. Each one possess their own little personality.:yes:

    Share who YOU think your pet is.


    Kennedy my sable sheltie is gender confused. He's not sure whether or not he was born into the wrong body. He's a bit on the girly girl side..but also has a "bully bossy" side to him as well. He thinks he owns everything in the house. We say...He owns the house..he's just generous enough to let us stay here:nuts:

    Jaxson my Bi-Blue sheltie is ALL BOY. He's the jokester prankster of the two. He is always teasing. He'll grab onto your pant leg when you walk by him or sneak behind you and give you alittle nudge on the backside. He's also the lover. He loves to give kisses. grand baby sable sheltie is the girly girl. She loves bows, loves to be told how pretty she is and prances around like the princess she is. She loves to look at herself in the mirror..and she gets this look on her face like "geez..I AM PRETTY!"

    Its amazing. I wish I could tap into their brain and know exactly what they are thinking.

    Share your pets personalities with us..let us know what you think your pets thinking
  2. ^
    I have three dogs too. One is a collie mix and two are Keeshonds. Funny, though, none show any personality traits similar to yours.

    Casey is a proud, proud guy. He's from a rescue group and we've had him for seven years now. He thinks we're just the coolest parents ever and everything makes him happy. The TV, the telephone, dinner, breakfast, talking to him, his toys, going on walks, whatever. He is just proud to be here.

    Kiki on the other hand is a prissy little thing. Not exactly a snob, but definately only has an interest in "mommy". No one and nothing else matters.

    Nellie is sweet and gentle. Must be the collie in her. Everything is just okay with Nellie.

    You're right. Our pets have very distinctive personalities.
  3. Mariah(Chihuahua) thinks she is doubt about it. When we come home...she runs up to us, as she gets closer she rolls over on her back really quick to get in some belly rubs. When she is in trouble, she rolls over and you just cant be mad anymore lol. When she is happy she lie! She shows her teeth!! She also talks to you if you arent paying attention to her. Shes a little diva...thats why we named her Mariah..after Mariah Carey lol! She also thinks she rules the house.

    Princess(Lhaso/Shih Tzu mix) is a straight up DOG! She has over 30 toys and plays with every single one of them. Will drop a toy at your feet...back up a few feet and look at you with those are you gonna throw it? eyes. She loves to give kisses too. Shes the gentle one that always wants to give matter who it is! We always say, if someone broke in...the only way Princess would protect us is by licking them to death! lol.
    I :heart: them both :yes:
  4. My dachshund is like that. Everytime we come home, he will jumps, gives us hugs and kisses. Everytime he did something wrong he will show his sad face (you know, dachshund has depressed looking face) and look at me, he always made my heart melt and made me forgive him.

    One thing that I never understand about him is, he always knows if I have food with me or not. Ex - if i hold a bag of chips and opened it, he will sit in front of me, looking at me hoping I will give him some. But if I hold a bag of something else (non-food) and open it, he doesnt care :nuts:....Does any of ur dogs like this? :shrugs:
  5. Azumie I totally forgot to mention that Princess always knows when we bring home a bag with a new toy in it! She just KNOWS. How crazy is that, that they know?! Gotta give them credit...they are wayyy smarter then we even know!
    They dont really know when I have a bag if its treats or not...they just always assume it is and go into "Look, Im sitting pretty, do I get a treat now?" mode lol.
    BTW..all of your babies are soooo cute!!!!
  6. Faye, my first Chi and the eldest at 2 1/2 years, is such a spoiled brat! She is very loyal, but always wants to play fetch, pretty much constantly. She hates waking up in the morning; she's like her human daddy, and they sleep in until 11am or later on some weekends! She isn't aggressive, but she is bossy. She CRAVES warmth, and will snuggle between SO and I at night. She'll plop herself in front of heating vents and I have to turn the heat down just so she won't fry herself. Faye prefers 5 of her 23 toys: a blue and yellow round chew that has a rope on the end that she plays fetch with, a lil yellow chick and piggy, a rope string with stuffed baby pumpkins on it, and a big stuffed white dog that she likes to hump :rolleyes: She doesn't mind baths, and loves walks. But she prefers running, low to the ground and ears back off a leash at full speed, which is hilarious. She is always trying to escape from the house and take off at full speed into the field across from my house. She loves a belly rub!

    Eclair is my youngest chi, at 1 year old. She is full of endless amounts of love! She's a total ditz, but she's just sugary sweet. Her legs are really long for a Chihuahua, and she prances around the house like a little deer. Clair's tongue is really long and skinny so she gives tons of puppy kisses to the point that her tongue can go up your nose :lol: She is shy at first but quickly gets used to other people and will smother you in kisses. She sits like a parrot on your shoulder, and likes to wrap her front legs around your neck and shoulder and stare backwards at everyone. She hates water and will swim in the air and wrap her claws around your wrists to stay out of a bath; while I bathe Faye she runs into a corner and makes this bizarre screaming sound that makes you think she's dying. She wakes up very early, like her mama :biggrin: She does a house check every morning: as soon as she is off the bed, she carefully checks every room and then comes back to sit with me on the sofa! She prefers three toys out of her 20: a pink chew bone, a ragged squeaky moose, and a giant pink pig that is bigger than her, because she likes to hump it :rolleyes: I have horny dogs, lol. Eclair always follows me with her eyes, and because of this, she doesn't sleep as much as Faye; she is always watching me, always looking to see what I'm doing and where I'm going. She is a total mommy's girl!
  7. Omg, ur princess is sooo smart! Yea, dogs are way smarter than i ever imagine...thats why i :heart::heart::heart: dogs so much :nuts:
  8. Maya is my delicate little flower of a chi. She's a sweetheart who loves to be on my lap, loves treats and chewies and loves giving kisses. She loves being outdoors to run around, and long walks on the beach lol (kidding) but I'm sure she would if we had any of those around here.

    Both of my chi's are instigators and love to play together.

    Greta is wild and tends to do as she pleases. She's a ball of energy, but the snuggliest little thing you've ever seen. She's a mommy's girl and has to be on my I have to make sure to give both babies time on mommies lap. She likes to sleep up on the top part of the couch and acts like a cat sometimes. she'll give kisses except she hasn't learned how to give them without every second kiss being a bite. So I'll often go in for a smooch and get my nose or lip bit.
  9. I have 1 pug and that is enough for me! She is just human all over until she gets in the park and decides to find the muddiest puddles and swims in the smelly brook! Nice!
    She is tiny but has the attitude of the biggest dog ever, her big sister is a doberman and i sware the pug ( Lil Minnie) thinks she is the same size as the dobie! She reminds me of a street fighter, like in ultimate fighting? She fights with the doberman all day and just doesnt care, as soon as I brought her home over 1 year ago she owned the house and has everyone under her tiny lil paw. She sits on your lap at the table and actually if anyone has a lap free anywhere her lil bum will be on it!
    She acts like shes in the boxing ring one minute and then thinks shes paris hilton the next! I mean thats what they were breed for, to lay about in chinese palaces!!!
    Its hilarious! Oh and she actually screams like a human when shes excited, go to youtube and type in screaming pug, it seems like lots of pugs do it! Soo funny it sounds like a baby!
    All I can say is pugs are tiny but have the attitude of 20 other dogs! They are sooo loyal its scary and would do anything to make sure they are the centre of attention!
    I am hooked and she is one of the best things ever! I LOVE PUGS!!!
  10. Luv a Pug: That coat your baby is wearing is sooooo adorable!!! I wish I could get my babies to wear outfits. They literally tear the stuff right off...
  11. Cute thread! My kitty simply owns the house. She is generous enough not to rule with an iron fist. But she is in charge.

    Every morning I wake up, walk into the living room, and she wakes up, stretches, and walks over to the sliding door. She sits in front of it to indicate that I should open it for her so that she can sun herself on the porch. I do, make coffee, and then jump in the shower. After I get out, she jumps in! She rolls around in the shower water, it's so bizarre, then she gets out, shakes, and goes in my room to curl up in bed. As I get to work she gets to snoozing. In the evenings she will occasionally demand to be groomed and play, but only in a most dignified way. She's not a very outgoing cat, I think of her as a reserved and deferential queen of England or something like that. Only when her kingdom is threatened by the invasion of my boyfriend does she get riled!