Describe your "at home" experience with your first LV...

  1. This is so funny...

    I still have not carried my brand new LV Alma yet, but when I pulled it out the other night (they must have heard me pulling the bag down, so they wandered in:rolleyes: ), my daughter (3-years-old) and my hubby start hanging around, getting peeks and touches. :lol: My 3-year-old begged, "Mommy, can I hold the lock? Please?!?!" I let her and she smiled...:love:

    My husband asked, "You mind if I take a look? I haven't seen the inside." I let him. He unzips it carefully, looks inside and seems a little impressed...and he rarely shows that he's impressed.:rolleyes:

    I had to pry the lock out of my daughter's hands ("Mommy, can I have it?!?!?") and the bag out of my husband's hands ("I wasn't finished looking at it yet":sad: :lol: ) so that I could look at it in peace...So, they both just looked at me enjoying the bag before I packed it away.:shame:

    The next time, I will do it when they are not at home.:angel:
  2. everytime i get a new bag my boyfriend goes, "let me see that one." so i'll unpack it in front of him, and he'll just whip it out of my hands and look at it from every angle before i look at it myself :lol:. and then he'll go, "niiiiiiiice....":roflmfao:
  3. ^^ haha
  4. dont laugh: but when i got my first lv (batignolles) it slept with me on my bed on a pillow and i covered it with my blanket.

    no joke.
  5. i wish people shared the excitement with me! :P
  6. So cute! :flowers:
  7. That is so sweet!
  8. I probably would have done the same thing if I were not married.:shame: Instead, the only thing that I could do was put the bag on top of my chest of drawers so that I could see it when I woke up.:shame: :lol:
  9. been there.....!:roflmfao:

  10. done that!!!:roflmfao:
  11. It's still there...I still need to see it when I wake up. :shame: :upsidedown:

  12. hahahah :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    ahh, the joy of new louis vuitton. hey hey, you should be sleeping with your ADORABLE little baby daughter :heart:

  13. hehehe.....:roflmfao:

    <------- guilty, still AM! (bad mama!!:supacool: )
  14. i always document the first opening of the bag with my digi cam haha! and my hsemates all gather around whilst I perform the first ceremony and then I let them pass it around the room before I take it back and model it for them.
  15. yeux's boyfriend has good eyes and i can speak to that! :yes: he saw my belem pm, picked it up, and said "cute!" for me,, i didn't tell my boyfriend about my belem pm when i got it. when i did, he actually looked at it when i wasn't home, called and told me that it is a nice bag! :yahoo:

    when i first got my LV, i took pictures of it from all angles and posted it on the purse forum. after that, i constantly packing it and unpacking it when i have time at night to try it on with different outfits. :P