Describe the smell of new leather.

  1. I can't I just know its ...............
  2. Heavenly and luxurious.
  3. sexy and elegant
  4. Rich & Yummy!
  5. totally addicting
  6. a very heady experience!
  7. divine, like the scent of every good and pleasurable experience you've ever had, all rolled into one.
  8. better than sex or chocolate?
  9. Cowboys and horses and motorcycles and new cars and luxury and comfort...oh my!
  10. Brings out your inner poet;)
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao:sex maybe...but chocolate? :wtf:
  12. sarah...ROFL!!!!!
  13. Addicting
  14. orgasmic ;)
  15. yummy and relaxing!