Describe the Sage Green leather to me...

  1. Hey ladies --

    Those of you who have seen this IRL -- or have an RM in this leather -- how would you describe it? It looks like a nice gray-green to me, a good neutral, which "changes" shades to match what you are wearing? At least it looks like it from Hayden P.'s photos on the RM site.

    Thanks for all your help!

  2. AHHH!! are you looking at the bluefly sale too??? I really want the MA or MAM its such a good price!! don't forget coupon codes! =D
  3. i want it too! it looks very neutral and i think it will go with everything.
  4. LOL so far we've all just gushed about it :biggrin: RM, what you do to us... ;)
  5. i actulaly have th sage color and i love it!! it is a greenish/gray color. i feel a little more gray then green. but depends on the light. it is an unusal color and i love it cause it goes with everything. the leather is soo soft and its just such a different color. i always get compliments. i would go for it!! :smile:
  6. yay! I am so excited now :smile: too bad shipping takes so long... 5 to 9 days! ahhh! I wish I could touch it now!
  7. ur gonna love it. originally i saw a pic on the rebecca minkoff website with silver hardware it looked like, so i thought it came with the silver .. so i oredered it.. but then found out it was gold hardware they didnt make it with silver. and i was disappointed until i got it in the mail and saw it in person. it is such a cool color. my mom even said it was soo nice and loved the gold hardware.. trust me u will love it!!! its a great color!! :smile:
  8. I wanted to order it from bluefly but it sold out quickly! It seems like an awesome neutral color, almost like the "khaki of greens" if that makes sense =)
  9. You ladies are evil :sad: LOL I think I may be getting that. Or should I wait for the Steady?! *bites nails*
  10. It looks almost greyish. I didn't realize that the pictures of Hayden carrying the MAM was actually a Sage green! I thought it was a light grey or something. Hmmm... The more I think about it the more excited I get!!!
  11. I'll find you a pic....give me a sec....

    Here's the Sage- this bag is the MAM and belongs to the lovely Sarahsar...this one has the Stamp pattern and was the only one made. But it gives you an excellent idea of the color.


  12. wow that is SO PRETTY!!!! I'm so glad I grabbed the black/blue stamp mam yesterday =D

    I am wicked excited for the sage mam too!! ahh the anticipation is killing me!!
  13. i hope bluefly had more than one in stock! i too ordered the black/navy blue stamped MAM. =( im checking my email in case there has been a mishaps and i dont get the bag, cause now, im leaning more towards the beautiful sage color! i didnt realize it was more grey than green. im liking it more now!! parts of me still hopes to be able to get through to the MAM black/navy, but now those pictures has done it so much justice!!
  14. Contessa, you rock :biggrin: THANKS so much!!!
  15. Awwwww......shucks! :shame:

    Anytime! My pleasure!