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Aug 7, 2020
Machimpyo Plastic Surgery Experience

I recently had my double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction with Dr. Seo at Machimpyo Plastic Surgery clinic and wanted to share my experience with those who are curious. I had thought about getting this procedure done since I was probably 15 because my eyelids and eyes were very uneven. Since I had the opportunity to study in South Korea I figured this would be the time to do it. I did a lot of research and browsing through this forum to try to find the best fit surgeon for me and a lot of people on this website had mentioned Dr. Seo for natural looking results. So I messaged the clinic for a consultation and was able to be seen the next day. Because this clinic is fairly new I don't believe they have an English translator on hand and I am not Korean nor do I speak the language well. However, Dr. Seo and his staff did their best to communicate with me and I was still able to get my questions answered thoroughly. After leaving my consultation I felt pretty sure I was going to choose him to do my procedure but everyone says its best to get different opinions so I did go to other clinics. I ended up choosing Machimpyo because after meeting with other doctors, I felt most confident with Dr. Seo because he spent so much time and effort explaining everything and making sure I would be satisfied with the procedure.

Surgery day:
I came into the clinic around 11AM and we went over the procedure again and double checked where I wanted my creases to be. After that, they prepped me for the surgery with anesthesia so there was no pain. I just remember having to open and close my eyes to which I believe was checking for the evenness. After a painless and pretty quick procedure, I was taken to the recovery room so I could get this laser (bluelight?) treatment and ice to help with the swelling. I think the anesthesia wore off at this point because my eyes felt a little sore. When I was comfortable to leave they gave me a little care package with some pumpkin juice and ice packs. I was home around 3/4PM and was able to resume my daily activities, I went out for dinner and walked around with no discomfort. The staff even made sure I got home and if I was doing okay and let me know I can contact them whenever, which was very assuring.

Follow up:
The next day I came back to do a quick check up to see if everything was okay and it was so I just had to come back 5 days after the surgery to get my crease stitches taken out and then a week for my inner stitches. This part was probably the most uncomfortable, but not painful. Other than the first night, my eyes were not sore just swollen. It has been about a month since my surgery and there is still some slight swelling but other than that, my eyes look so much more even and bigger.

Overall, I am really happy I chose this clinic, Dr. Seo was very kind and really went out of his way to do his best to communicate with me in English as well as the rest of the staff who happily welcomed me every time I came in for my follow ups.

I forgot to document the recovery period daily but here are a couple pictures to show the difference (sorry if they are not the best)



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