Dermatologists/Aestheticians in Texas

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  1. I was wondering if any of yall would recommend any derms or aesthethicians in Texas that I can go to for my acne problem? These last two years have been so horrible. I've been getting little tiny granules all over my face and they leave really ugly scars all over my face. I don't feel like I'm still in my twenties because of all these bad spots all over my face.
  2. where in Texas are you?
    I can ask my mom where she goes in the Houston area
  3. I live in Waco, but I'm willing to go anywhere around here in Texas as long as the derm is not crazy like my old derm. I paid for the super expensive office visit just to have him telling me to get a bunch of Neutrogena products from Walmart and that I should never come back to him unless I have a pizza face. I am thankful that I dont have a pizza face but I still do have some skin problems.