1. Good mornign Ladies!!

    I was just wondering, do any of you go to a dermatologist, and does it help the appearance of your skin? I was thinking about starting to go to one but I"m not sure. Do you mind sharing some of your stories? TIA!
  2. i went to my mom's dermatologist friend for Roaccutane to clear my face of blemishes, but that's really all i go for. now that i'm in NY, my mom gets Roaccutane from the dermatologist and ships it to me :lol:
  3. The only reason I seeked out a dermotologist was because I had minor skin problems. If you don't have any I don't see the know, why mess with something that isn't broken right? Plus, it's very hit or miss and finding a good one may take time or you may just luck out.

    I went to handful and finally found one that I liked, was comfortable with and respected. A lot of times with these doctors I feel like a number not a patient. They can be so quick to diagnose and give you a new hot product than actually figuring out what's wrong and treating what you have (hope that makes sense). If you are paying for their service it damn well better be good and worth it. I remember this one time I went to this older derm with the intention of getting some questions answered and I swear a goat could've given me a better answer. Unfortunately once you're in their office they will charge I ended up paying $25 or so for useless advice, but I guess that's the price you pay for trial and error.

    If you decide to go to a dermo get referrals from friends, family member, etc. Good luck!
  4. :smile: I think I'll go once and see how the dermatologist is. Lately I've just had a lot of blemishes/pimples that have been popping up. I've heard that dermatologists will prescripe something that regulates your hormones so that your face doesn't break out at that time of month..does anyone know what that is?
  5. ha, I've heard that for some people taking bc pills can help. I've actually stoped taking my bc pills and have gotten some tiny pimples right in the middle of my forehead. I'm wondering if it's because I stopped taking them. I'm tempted to go to my derm b/c I've never really had problems with pimples...such a bother!
  6. Hm..does a dermatologist prescribe those?
  7. yes, it's true :yes:. i'm on the Pill, and it has helped too, besides Roaccutane

    no, you need a gynaecologist for that
  8. family doctor can't do that either right :sad:? Maybe I should just go see the dermatologist and see what she thinks :biggrin:
  9. When I was around 14, I had HORRIBLE blemishes. The fact that the last thing a 14 year kid wants is zits was bad enough, but I used to get these miniature gargoyles at my jawline that hurt so bad I was nearly in tears. The thing that got me to the dermatologist though was the one that appeared very literally on the end of my nose!! Can you imagine being 14, in a new school and having a nose reminiscent of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?? Yes, the kids were viscious!:sad:

    I did go to a dermatologist and it was the best thing I ever did. My face cleared nearly completely and I not only felt so much better about myself, I didn't have that physical pain on my face from the "gargoyles" anymore.

    There's some great treatments out there now and while birth control pills will clear your skin, if that's the only reason you want them, I'd discourage that. Even though the pill is reasonably safe, it comes with risks and side effects that you don't want to deal with if you only want your skin clear. Surface treatments can be just as effective without the risks.
  10. Prada Psycho, do you still go to a dermatologist?
  11. Oh gosh, no! That zit story was nearly 40 years ago!!! I'm a old gal! :upsidedown:
  12. :smile: Not at all!! I wasn't sure because some people go to the dermatologist for the rest of their lives. I have several blemishes, so I might just ask my family doctor about it :smile:
  13. I only went for a few years to clear up the "gargoyles" that I assume were hormonal given my age at the time. Once it was under control, I stopped going. I think it was around age 16ish that my skin pretty well cleared for good. Unfortunately no matter what your age, zits can always an issue if you're prone to them, they just get less severe as you get older.

    If you've got a minor case of blemishes, your family MD can often prescribe something for you and save the trip to the dermatologist. When my daughter hit puberty, she had a mess (like mother-like daughter!). Her pediatrician prescribed some cream (forget which one). Her skin also cleared up around age 17 or so.

    Good luck with this, Ladystara! Zits are such a PAIN! :hysteric:
  14. Thank you for all your helpful advice!
  15. I love my dermatologist, I have only been seeing her for about two months. She gave me diffrin for my brake-outs.
    Works great, the entire appearance of my skin is better:yahoo: