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  1. I love the suncreen booster, you can mix it with your moisterizer to tailor your suncreen amount for whatever you are doing that day. Also the microfoliant of course
  2. i bought some dermalogica products at local ulta when they had 20% off sale going on. i bought a starter/sample pack for sensitive skin and i love it so far. i went back and bought the microfoliant as well. i think dermalogica products are great from sensitive skin. :tup:
  3. love the daily microfoliant! highly recommend it! I had no idea they had these products at ulta! I would've purchased some...
  4. Once you click "buy", it will show on your shopping bag with discount price.
    try it, you'll see the price dropped.

    the spf lip blam is $8.95-

  5. The 15 is not working for me

  6. Oh thank you I don't remember it being that way. I was in a bit of a panick. I get it for my hubbie. He loves it.
  7. I seem to be having acne breakouts. I have heard some things about Dermalogica. Do you think these products would help me out or should I keep searching.

  8. is another great place to buy your dermalogica products when they send out 20% off. Free shipping over certain amount and no sales tax!:tup:
  9. Thanks..I'll definately try them out
  10. They do have an acne care line with the anti bac cleanser etc..I never tried it..I like their products because my skin is very sensitive, and if I use sth that is too harsh, or has fragrance i breakout or get redness. Sorry not much help
  11. For Acne I would use the anti-bac line. It does work great! I use all Dermalogica products at home and at work (esthetics). Every product will work differently for each person so you can keep searching or maybe try one of the starter kits. :smile:
  12. $10 off $60 + free shipping
    code: VDAY
    expires: 2/11/09
  13. Thanks dragonfly25 and Alle I will stock up on the microfoliant..My all time favorite
  14. Wow they have great prices and with FREE SHIPPING..