Dermalogica Precleanse + Special Cleansing Gel

  1. I thought I might just share these 2 fantastic products with you people since you all are obsessed with good skin!

    Dermalogica Precleanse is an oil that you use before your normal cleanser. You just rub it in with dry hands (on your dry face) and concentrate on areas where are more congested (for me, it's the sides of the nose and the cheek area). Then, you add some water to emulsify it and massage it in some more. Wash off and then follow with a cleanser. When I got the Dermalogica Prescription Facial the other day, the beauty therapist used this, and it really does make a difference! I like how much less congested my skin feels, and it feels like my cleanser is working much better too. Btw, it smells so good!!! Very therapeutic!!

    Dermalogica Cleansing Gel is a basic wash for all skin types. What I love about this is that it doesn't break me out, it cleans without being too harsh or drying, and really calms the skin! As I use this in conjunction with the Precleanse, it has made my skin clean and smooth and without any of those annoying bumps and zits.

    You all HAVE to get these 2 products!!
  2. Thank you so much Vouge for explaining about the pre cleanse because I really wanted to get it. Do you know if it helps to remove make up? Because I use wipes to take off my make up, then face wash, tone and moisturise I am a little hesitant to buy it if it wont remove makeup as I dont want to overload my skin with products.
  3. cammy1: yes, it does remove make up, including waterproof mascara. this is fantastic. i use it in the evening, followed by the special cleansing gel and then the daily microfoliant.
  4. I have totally been thinking about trying out the precleanse, I've just hesitated because of the price. (I'm weird, I know.) I'm also worried that it will work so well that I will never find anything better once my skin is immune to it. I'm glad to hear it smells good because I got a sample of the tinted moisturizer and I hate the smell.
  5. It does work very well!

    I had a facial last weekend, and my therapist used dermalogica products. My skin has never looked better!

    But I was wondering if two cleaners is not a bit too much?
  6. jellybebe, it's definitely worth the price and you only need a tiny bit at one time.

    amelie, the precleanse is designed to be part of a 2 step cleansing regime.
  7. I LOVE dermalogica products including the preclense and special cleansing gel. I agree with vogue, it's worth the price and it will last you awhile since you don't need much of it.

    vogue, you should try the daily microfoliant! It makes your skin so soft and glowly :smile:
  8. mee2: Yes, I do use the daily microfoliant. Only in the evening after these 2 products! I love it!
  9. Vogue! You'll be happy to hear that I picked up some dermalogica products today, based on your recommendation in the "problem pimple" thread!! :tup: I haven't used them yet, but I have high hopes.

    Based on the guy's recommendation that was in there, he said my skin was too sensitive for the Anti-Bac Cooling Masque and Medicated Gel. (I am thinking about trying the Anti-Bac masque later on though, is it really that bad??)

    Anyhow, today I got: Daily Microfoliant, and the skin kit w/ Special Cleansing Gel, Active Moist, Skin Prep Scrub, and Multi-Active toner...

    Did I do okay? TIA!!:smile:
  10. Bags4Bubbles: Yes, just allow your skin some time before making a judgement on it. The stuff I've got made me breakout a little (nothing major), but according to friends/reviews, once it clears up, it'll be all fab!

    Remember to use only a TINY bit of the cleansing products... I went OTT with it and am left with dry cheeks! The horror!!
  11. Good to know!! Thanks!