Derek Lam's Violet Satchel -- like it?

  1. (source:
    PRICE: € 1690.00
    Height: 16cm Width: 42cm Depth: 23cm
    PRE-ORDER: in arrival in Sep 2006
  2. Nice!
  3. I love it! I am at the verge of ordering it but I'm trying hard to convince myself that it is worth the high price - since Derek Lam is still what I consider an up-and-coming designer and not an established handbag designer.
  4. Not feeling it. Looks like it has a nose ring!
  5. It looks like a Valentino.
  6. I'm not crazy about it.
  7. LOL. Liked the look of his bags when I first saw them online but honestly, the prices!
  8. Oh that's a real cute handbag.
  9. am I the only person that likes the nose ring? :smile:
  10. i love derek lam's new handbag line, but not quite enough to justify the astronomical prices!! the persephone (the biggest bag seen on the runway) is lovely too but much too big for me. i love the chain detail on the violet.
    you can also think of it this way- you would be supporting an up-and-coming designer. :graucho:
    i think he's so talented; i love his RTW line too.
  11. It's actually a ram head inspired by medieval/Florentine door knockers. I think its really cool!
  12. I love looking at the clothes for the line. Cute bag.
  13. I like his clothes but I'm not crazy about this bag:hrmm:
  14. Ooh... I like this bag! Jennifer - also the nose-ring too! I am not digging the price though. That's pretty steep!
  15. i like it.. looks elegant...