DEREK LAM Sample Sale --started!

  1. ughhh sooo tempted... fabiola is so cutee!
  2. ^^ I agreed..verrrry cute ...tempting
  3. ooh, I love the clutch!
  4. Did anyone buy anything?
  5. Is anyone else having a problem paying? They are requiring me to enter my bank account & routing numbers!
  6. I think you only have to pay using paypal.
    I paid with my credit card through paypal. Just got my tracking number an hour ago!
  7. i emailed them to get my order shipped overnight (can't wait). The person that called me back was Jay. Their tel is 212.203.5445. you might want to try and call them. very nice on phone.
  8. Yay! I called him and he put the order through for me! I got the clutch in teal.
  9. Love Derek Lam bags. The leather looks so luxurious.
  10. I tried to buy the teal clutch, but it said "out of stock" :sad: