Derek Lam Consuelo or Gryson Woven Skye?

  1. Any opinions on these two? I am thinking of getting a black bag and have shortlisted these two. Any experience with either bag? The Gryson pictured here is blue but I am thinking of getting it in black. Thanks.
    p11337119_ph_hero.jpg p11527764_ph_hero.jpg
  2. Both really great looking bags. I've never seen the Derek Lam before and that is one nice looking bag, although I've heard great things about Gryson.

    So really, I'm no help whatsoever.

    The DL retails for around $1950 and the Grysons are under $1000. Don't know if that matters or not...
  3. Gryson. Its more unique :smile:
  4. I vote Gryson! The Derek Lam bag is a bit plain for my taste.
  5. Gryson!
  6. That Derek Lam is gorgeous!

    I've never seen it before, but from that photo, I love it.
  7. Style_Baby - The woven Gryson is actually over $1000 (I think around $1200).

    Out of the two, I think the Gryson is worth it. I just think that Derek Lam bags are way too much money for the quality.
  8. I have several Gryson handbags and have to say the quality and styling is just fabulous. The Skye is one of my all time favorites and the black woven is gorgeous!
  9. My vote is for the Derek Lam Consuelo. It looks really nice and I like the optional shoulder strap (even though I never use them!) lol

    Good luck!
  10. I prefer the Derek Lam. I think it might be more versatile in terms of being able to dress it up or down. The Gryson looks too casual to be able to do that. Derek Lam is pricey, though!
  11. I think my vote is for the Derek Lam bag.

    I kinda like the woven Gryson, but don't normally like that style non-woven Gryson.
  12. Gryson for it's exceptional quality. It's a bag you'll fall in love with. If you think the Woven may be too casual there is always regular leathers yop choose from.
  13. I really like the Gryson, the Derek Lam isn't my taste.
  14. Gryson, although don't get it in black. The black is so boring compared to the other colors!
  15. I love the Derek Lam designs but I'd wait until they go on sale.