Derek Lam Bags

  1. Derek Lam is launching his first collection of bags this fall and I think they're just gorgeous. Thought I'd share some pictures of these lovelies. I think the Persephone has a chance of being a real hit. I love the hardware thought the gold may be a bit too yellow in tone for my liking. I can't wait to see them in person, I know Kirna Zabete will be carrying these.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Love the shapes and the hardware is great!
  3. I like something about them, maybe they'll be more styles I like this Fall{?}
    Thanks for posting them!
  4. I love them! I saw that green one when another member and Vlad posted about the Big Bags, and I loved it immediately. Great pictures!
  5. I am so curious to see these bags. The colors are fabulous. I love the bags from the side, but I hate the hardware piece on the front. I'm hoping that the hardware won't look so "in your face" in person.
  6. Whoa. My socks have been officially knocked off...

    They are gorg!
  7. These bags are beautiful!!! Wonder if they are available online.
  8. They're beautiful! I wish I went to the Derek Lam show in Feb.
  9. I absolutely love these bags, and will definitely be getting one this fall. In fact, it's really the only bag that I'm impressed with for FW 06. Just LOVE the gold ram's head hardware!
  10. I love the black!

    I am soooo glad that Derek Lam is doing a bag line. I adore his clothes and I'm thinking the rest of the bag collection will be awesome :yahoo:
  11. I loved these bags right away, but I am a little dismayed that this "new" line is already at $2000. I don't think I love it THAT much.
  12. They look fab! I can't wait to see them IRL, and pick one up in fall.
  13. fabulous! derek lam never ceases to amaze me.
  14. Exactly my thought, beautiful bags but does every designer have to start their collection over the moon??? Give us a chance to warm up !!!
  15. hi guys ... there is a wine colored Derek Lam Hobo at the Union Square DSW in New York... i think its on sale. very pretty....