Derek Lam 60% off

  1. I just got an email that Thursday Sept 6th, the Art of Shopping is having an online sample sale featuring Derek Lam bags for 60% off retail.

    I'm pretty sure it is invite only. To subscribe, you have to go to and they will add you to the list. Enjoy! :smile:
  2. Wow! Derek Lam at discount!
  3. Ooh!! Thanks...I love Derek Lam!
  4. hello, i tried to register but it's not letting me do so. Please post link once sale is up. Thanks in advance!
  5. Ugh, I just saw that this got bumped today. I'm sorry I forgot all about it. When I entered the site, there was a banner saying "Derek Lam 60% September 6th" but then it said STORE CLOSED :confused1:

    I guess I missed it? I couldn't have afforded one anyway.

    Did anyone get in/ buy anything?
  6. 'store closed' because it doesn't start until tomorrow...the 6th.
  7. That site never works right. It's really hard to shop there. Any tips?
  8. What a waste of time and effort.
  9. Duh. I always have trouble with holiday weeks remembering what day it is :rolleyes:

    They did update it btw; it starts tomorrow at NOON.
  10. I've only looked at the jeans sales. Never had any problems though :shrugs:
  11. It's not a waste of time and effort; the site opens at 12 eastern today. That's when you can shop.
  12. Well..i was eyeing this bag on eluxury and couldn't pass up the saving.
    I just got bought the Consuelo in Black. I emailed them and paid extra to have it overnighted! I will fwd pics tomorrow when it arrives. So excited!!!
  13. I don't see any bags for 60% off-not even 50%...:sad:
  14. I agree. The majority of the bags were not close to 60% off, especially given the fact that the retail prices they are quoting are higher than I have seen in stores. I thought this was disappointing.