Dept. Stores v. Boutique: prices same or not?

  1. Do the prices of Chanel pieces differ depending on which department store you go to or whether you go to the Chanel boutique?

    Thank you!
  2. No, I dont think so. The prices are all the same no matter in dept or boutique.
  3. I don't think so either on new or classic bags. Perhaps on sale items.
  4. The same. But i feel more confortable asking for the price in the departement store. I don't know why i am affraid entering the Chanel Boutique
  5. Ive seen some bags that are exactly the same (and not on sale) priced a couple hundred dollars higher at Neiman's then at Saks. I just purchased a bag at Saks a week ago that was $2025, and Neimans has the exact one in a catalogue for $2225 (same size, same leather, etc.).
  6. I think for the most part they're the same but you do get price increases/decreases sometimes
  7. No price control???
    No wonder..the gals are confused by SA from diff. deparmental stores... check the price with various stores b4 yr purchases..(so that u will not have to pay a higher px for the same products:yes: )
  8. Prices are usually the same... but department stores have a more liberal return policy, so I usually prefer to go there.
  9. So you nabbed a bargain (sort of)!
  10. Good tip.