Dept Stores & Price Matching F&F Events

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  1. I know we've talked about this before and there have been posts, but I cannot find them. I know that Nordstroms will price match, but will they price match for the upcoming Saks and Bloomingdales F&F event?? Not sure about Saks, but I do believe someone said MJ is included in Bloomie's F&F. So, how do they price match? Do I just tell them the event is going on, or do they have to call? Also, if I purchase something this week, can I go back next weekend (or whenever F&F begins) in order to get the adjustment?

    Finally, I've been reading conflicting reports -- do you have to be a card holder in order to take participate in F&F? If I ask Nordstroms to price match, will they ask me if I'm a Saks/Bloomie's card holder?
  2. nordstrom will pricematch a f&f event and, no, you do not have to be a cardholder to participate in either bloomingdale's, sak's f&f. most of the time, you don't even a need the invite. just ask a sa and they'll ring you up with the discount. if you want to go through nordstrom for the price match rather than buying from the f&f event then you would just call up a nordstrom sa. usually they'll call the store to verify that the event is taking place, and afterwards they'll allow you to buy with the discount.

    mj bags and accessories have always been included in the events. i'm not sure about the other department stores, but nordstrom should be able to adjust the price for you if you bought a bag a week or two before the event starts.
  3. thanks tadpole -- I thought I read somewhere on here that MJ was included in Bloomingdales F&F?? I don't think Saks list has been released yet (altho MJ was NOT excluded last year). It's easier for me to get to Nordstroms (plus thats where I usually shop and have a relationship with the SAs). The closest Bloomingdales and/or Saks is downtown on Michigan ave and I'd rather shop out in OakBrook (don't get why they closed the OB Saks!!) Plus, I KNOW they have the bag I want so I figure if they price match, I'd rather buy it there.

    One more thing -- when does F&F start. Are they at the same time? I seem to remember 4/24 for some reason --
  4. How will Nordies do the price match for the Saks one? Give $400 GC?

  5. no -- I'm talking about the Friends & Family event which is a 20% d/c off most bags, shoes & clothing -- 15% off cosmetics (I want me some MJ perfume!!)
  6. hi when does the bloomingdales f&f one start? do you guys know?
  7. Good to know! I have been wearing the Daisy sample and I really like it...15% off is good! :smile:
  8. According to the posts I read in the Deals/Steals thread, cosmetics will be 15% during F&F at Saks -- that's why I wondered if Nordies would price match. The other thing I wonder -- do they have to have the exact bag in order to price match, or can you just tell them "MJ bags are 20% during Saks/Bloomie's F&F event"??
  9. ^ that might depend on the sa, but they should be able to price match regardless of the style. as long as mj is included in the saks and bloomingdale's f&f, you should be fine.
  10. I thought bloomies FF was always for 30% off?
  11. Just asked my SA today she said it's either end of April or beginning of May.. they are not sure about the exact time and participating brands yet.

  12. f&f for bloomies starts on may 1st and runs through the 3rd. the presale starts on 4/24. Yes, mj is included.
  13. What my SA did was take off $400.00 from the total purchase. I ended up getting the Prada bag ($1495)with a makeup pouch that was $135.00.
  14. WOW! that's fantastic! too bad this offer doesn't last a little longer -- good for you!
  15. I LOVE the Nordies price match policy, but have to say that when I've done it in the past, the Nordie SA has to verify that the EXACT bag style & color is included in the department store sale they are matching. so:

    #1) FInd your dream bag in the sale store inventory and
    #2) Give info to Nordie SA and ask them to sell it to you for same price and

    hope, hope, hope it is in the Nordies inventory too!!:yes: