Dept stores and trasporto?

  1. Anyone know if any dept stores have recieved trasporto yet?

    (i feel lke today is the day of 600 questions).

  2. I checked Bloomingdales today in the Chicago area and there were none. :crybaby:
  3. Most of the Macy's around here just barely got Tutti... :crybaby:
  4. What about online? I am too lazy to look lol.
  5. I know Nordstrom had some online at one point.
  6. I went to the Bloomingdales in Old Orchard (near Chicago) and none yet as of today. I did go to A Okay Official and saw a bunch, but I want a Buon Viaggio and they had none. The print looks so cute in person.
  7. Did they have any sales at Bloomies in Old Orchard yet? Did you remember what other prints and designs they had?

  8. No sorry, I've yet to see a sale on tokidoki at Bloomingdales at Old Orchard. I forget what was left. I was upset because the SA on the phone told me Trasporto was in stock and she was referring to a new regular LeSportsac print. Ugggghhhh! Their stock is dwindling and I was a lil bothered that the front of the display is now replaced with Betsey Johnson. Are they not getting in Trasporto????
  9. the dept stores said they usually get 2 shipments a month maybe so they just recently got the tutti a weeks ago so it'll probably be another few weeks :hrmm:
  10. I asked the SA, ahem, I'm sorry ... *handbag specialist* at Bloomingdales when they usually get shipments, and she told me that the LeSportsac dude comes in about once a week. She asked if I wanted to be placed on a phone number list so that I could be contacted when Trasporto arrived, and of course I said yes.

    Bloomies generally gives great customer service. I'm sure if you go to the handbag counter and asked to be placed on a phone number list they'll happily oblige. There's usually a "handbag specialist" (mostly for Louis Vuitton, Coach) who works in said department, and they deal with people who want to be placed on phone lists all the time for other brands.
  11. Lord & Taylor (NYC) has had them in since last week... sold out of Denaros right away and I picked up the last Gioco they had in stock (tons of squirrels! I am happy! :happydance:). They had one Zucca, a Campeggio, a BV and a Ciao Ciao. They also still had a few Tutti pieces (similar styles). They don't get too many in stock (as compared to Macy's) but they do get them in sooner. The specialist there mentioned that they used to get the smaller bags (bambinone, bella) but the buyers stopped getting them for some reason.

    Bloomie's (SoHo) is always late in getting their TDs. The currently have Bianco, Notte and Tutti (although a few weeks back the personal shopper told me they wouldn't be carrying it :dots:smile: Better to just speak the the SA on the floor to see what is actually in stock at the moment.
  12. Can't wait for Macy's East to get em ....

    I am so itching to buy them ... grrrr .... but they never carry and Denaros .. I am just hoping to score a Zucca and a Ciao Ciao ..
  13. too bad the new SCP location doesn't carry toki... I would've been buying from there also... I couldn't find anything for me at bloomies so a $25 coupon went poof already

  14. They do have it on the lesportsac online store. But I haven't seen them at any dept stores yet.