dept store frustration!

  1. so today i went on a hunt to see if maybe some of the local stores got in the new print - I went to Bloomingdales first because I think last time they got the citta & pirata prints pretty early. So I'm lookin on the rack, which was amore-less, but still seeing what they have, and to my surprise there was not 1 but TWO all black BELLA BELLA original print inside! :nuts: the price tags were still the original $148 but I figured that had to be a mistake, they're from LAST YEAR! - So I went to the counter to have the lady double check the price (a friend of mine told me there had been a secret sale last thursday & she picked up a pirata bag & adios wallet) IT WAS STILL THE ORIGINAL PRICE! and... when I opened the bag it had CLEARLY been returned because in the inside zipper was some little kids mini notebook thing which I took out and tossed on the floor like WTF??? :yucky: But yeah, what a crock! still trying to charge full price for a bag that came out a year ago - this isnt eBay! They probably found the bags in the back & were like "oh this goes with this. i bet no one will notice"... grrr :cursing:

    I went to Macy's too... no amore there either, but then again they JUST started selling tokidoki lesportsac there, so we'll see the next few weeks if anything is out.
  2. I'm in NYC too- which Bloomingdale's and Macy's did you go too? I was planning on going to the Macy's in Herald Square tomorrow because my sister wants an Amore bag.

    I totally get your frustration- any Tokidoki bag I select in Macy's (even if it's from a past season) is never on sale and the SA's never want to investigate in the system.
  3. I went to Macy's Herald Square today - no Amore there yet. They still had tons of Pirata & Adios Star out.
  4. there's a sale at macy's for certain things- not toki on weds
    and a preview sale tues

    I just got the magazine

    I heard this happen a few times. I wonder if dept storeswill start charging full price for those item because they sell so well?
  5. i went to bloomingdales & macys in white plains/westchester... im goin downtown on friday and im gonna be all over the place searching! every dept store & both lesportsacs, regardless of whether or not the print is supposed to not be in the stores... im not giving up hope! :p
  6. I think they're more like to have it in a week
  7. That sucks! The sa's should really try and help customers out more-arent they working on commision?
  8. i hate macy's -.- cuz they're not all consistent and they're not all on top of it..but who can blame them...but i had horrible service when trying to get a bag through chargesend..i spelled out tokidoki for it..n was almost argueing that "tokidoki" wasn't a specific bag was a BRAND..made by lesportsac..n she kept going, "no lesportsac is the brand...we don't know what bag style is just have to say lesportsac.." -.- And then I told her to look for the "green" and "pink" bag..and she was like "well its multicolored! i see green..and yellow..and orange..n red" And I was like i KNOW that but the overall scheme is green..n she kept saying no...--;; and she kept saying "tokihoki whatever" to me which was pissing me hard to deal with
  9. I think most SA's think of it as lesportsac's tokidoki line- same with their fafiness line. and oddly enough...depending on the print placement, the foresta can look blue themed.
    check out the corriere foresta on eBay.
  10. Yeah the lining is supposed to be orange... weird...

    And all the SAs don't work on commission, only the fine jewelry, suits, shoes, furniture, and cosmetics SAs do...
  11. I think seller didn't check carefully. the same lining pic is used for all three corrieres
  12. OMG. Even reading about that woman's stupidity makes me frustrated. I would've asked to speak to someone else. I mean, the whole tokidoki thing is really not that hard to understand.
  13. yah it was making me so mad! so i just told her to put it on hold for me cuz i didn't want to deal with her anymore. so the next day i had a different SA help me out and she was soooooooo much better and was able to describe the characters on the bag for me! she even giggled at it because it was funnie that she was saying "yes i do see a baby monkey on top of a snake" lolz..and she cleared up a lot of stuff for me on macy's and their sales..i was much happier after that.
  14. I don't know why macy's have a habit of hiring SAs who can't read english. I put two canguros on hold, with a nice SA. The next day i come there to pick it up, I went to the handbag department there was another SA working the register. She told me she needed to put back some handbags so i was like "ok sure". I waited, and waited, and WAITED, it took her a good 15 minutes before she got back. I just wanted to pay and get outta there at this point, so i told her my name and the stuff i put on hold. She went to the stock room and took about 10 mins to come out and tell me "Oh there is nothing on hold in your name". I was told her i was sure the SA who helped me over the phone put it on hold for me, so i asked her to check again. She was acting annoyed and said something along the lines of "Oh so you don't think i can read huh?". So she went back and 5 mins later she came out with the same answer as before. I'm started to get hella pissed off at this point, but I politely said "Yeah, maybe the SA on the phone did make a mistake". One of the ladies at the dooney and burke store saw what was happening, so she said she'll check the stock room for my canguros. 20 seconds later, she comes out with them

    OMG The first SA wasted about 30 minutes of my time :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: