Dept. of Justice wha?? HUH!?!?

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  1. Ok so most of ya'll know we are in escrow with this house. It closes Aug. 22nd. My DH calls me and says he has to go to Russia this week and that I might get a call from the realtor. Ok... I'll watch out for her. ... But I have to tell you something first he says.... Apparently the person who owns this house is in trouble for money laundering! The Dept. of Justice wants a piece of this house and so do his atty's. Now we may not close on time because of these people fighting and we can't close until the title is absolutely spotless. :hysteric: Anyone ever have anything similar to this happen??? How long did you have to go until it all cleared up?? I just want my new house:censor:
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  2. Oh MY! I wish I had some info that would help you...but WOW I have never heard of that. I really hope this doesnt blow your chances....That house is TDF!
  3. Wow! Beautiful House!! I hope everything works out for you!
  4. Aww Chag- sorry to hear that. :sad:
  5. Oh my gosh!! How could the realtor NOT have known this?!!! If the government has leins on a property, that has to be disclosed from the very beginning, especially if the leins are related to a felony! I'd be asking that realtor some serious questions right now if I were you! :rant:
  6. I just immediately thought... Nothing comes to us without a fight :shrugs: and then I thought that if God wants us to have it then we will. I'm praying all the time. I just hope He is listening.
  7. Aww man , what away to rain on your parade , but hopefully they get things squared away quickly
  8. awww chag! I sincerely hope everything works out. When I was house hunting it was a horrid experience...and I just thought "if it was meant to be it'll be".
    I'm sure everything will work out!
  9. Beautiful house...I hope things work out. I think that once the house is sold, the money will be divided and paid of to the lien holders. I'm sure they all want their money, so I'm sure they want the house sold ASAP. Good luck!
  10. Wow!! lovely house!! and huuuuge swimming pool with a view!
  11. That's what I think too. I don't think they want it to go to forclosure or anything because they may not get anything for it. The poor woman that is trying to sell it (the wife I suppose) is trying to do it as quickly as possible. We are in a 30 day escrow. So it is just a waiting game for us to see what is next.. It just makes me :throwup: to wait. From what I can gather the DoJ put the lien on just after we went into escrow or looks that way. The realtor is doing everything she can to see that both sides (DoJ & atty's waiting for $$$'s) are happy and they sign it off. We have bought and sold quite a few houses and have never encountered this....:crybaby:
  12. I emailed my DH your post, here is his reply:

    If there is money laundering, DOJ might invoke the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act in which case they claim an entitlement to the fruits of the crimes ... cars, paintings, houses, whatever. If DOJ is asserting RICO and laying claim to the house as a fruit of the criminal activity, the issue will not be disposed of until the criminal case is resolved. Could be months or years depending on the defendant and their stalling tactics.

    I guess if someone wanted to hire a lawyer and go to court, you might be able to make the house sale take place but with the proceeds going into escrow until the RICO claim is adjudicated. I've not heard of that happening but I suppose if you wanted to hire a fancy lawyer, anything is possible.

    Also, apparently the seller is not paying his attorney(s) as they also seem to want to lay claim (lien) to the house. I hate to say it but I would be looking elsewhere for a house that is not in so much controversy.

    IMHO you should call your lawyer ASAP.
  13. I would break escrow. If the owner has been involved with federal crimes I am very suprized that the house has not been seized already. I am not sure if you mean the owner is under investigation or has already been convicted or what, but if a person is arrested for a federal crime they can take all assets, why put a lien on the house if they can take it? Either way, until that is all settled, and my guess is it won't be quick,the excrow cannot close until this is all done. And, yes, the realtor should have disclosed a cloudy title.
  14. A title search is not done until a house has a ratified contract. The realtor has no way of knowing about the title before the search is done.
  15. The criminal case has to be resolved before they can seize the property.

    Being arrested is one thing, being found guilty is another.