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  1. i'm sorry if this is a sensitive topic but I need some answers...

    has anybody been diagnosed with depression? how can you tell if this is just boredom or just sadness? did medication help and are there side effects?

    thanks for your help...
  2. You are going to get a very wide array of answers here. The best thing to do is find a highly qualified professional to help you find out whats happening with you. My DH has manic depression and while medication does help, it doesn't make it completely go away. Everyone is different and you have to find the right combination of solutions just for you.
  3. Boredom and sadness are states of mind that come and go, it doesn't last too long. If you feel it has been the same for a long period of time, that you have no joy for anything, you don't want anything, you don't even want to get up in the morning, sometimes lose appetite, or have trouble for sleeping. These are usually the questions doctors ask to see if it could be a depression.
    Yes medication helps, it lift your mood, but I personally think it should be medication together with a therapy.
    Side effects, you can feel a bit dizzy and nausea at first.
  4. i was diagnosed with major depression a few years ago...keep meaning to go back because i really think i have the tendency to be quite manic as well.

    i was on meds for awhile, but had no docs who were willing to try more beyond prozac and risperdal. some combination of the two led to a suicide, obviously, didn't quite work out as intended. but i've been meds free for awhile, with more than a few dark times (suicide attempts, self injury, eating disorder)...but i'm on plenty of email groups and there are people there that would probably be dead if it weren't for their medications- i just happened to be one that wasn't able to get on something decent.

    for me, it wasn't boredom- far from it. it was a very dark, all-encompassing sadness. it affected EVERYTHING i did. i gave up playing the oboe, even though i was actually quite good at it. i stopped sleeping. got into a binge/purge basically destroyed my life at the time. but, as time went on, i learned to "fake" it so no one would worry.

    and, like mentioned above, meds are good (for most people) but best used in conjunction with therapy. i still swear that therapy saved my life. even if you just go to someone and ***** and complain and cry, it helps SO much. and they can help you point out negative thinking patterns and try to help you change that (which is sort of where cbt comes in). so, honestly, if you're not into the whole drugs thing, please consider talking to someone- and if they feel you need something additional, they'll let you know. and, should you be in danger of yourself, they take no crap with that.

    find a therapist who has relatively the same beliefs as you...i went to one that was a UBER strict christian and we sure as hell didn't mesh. it took me a while to find a good therapist, but it's absolutely worth it.

    good luck and keep your chin up, if you can (assuming, of course, you're asking for which case, please remember to seek professional help...but tpf is always here for you, too- lord knows everybody has been here for me)
  5. I was in denial & I didnt acknowledge the fact that I was actually depressed...until my husband (boyfriend at the time)was become concerned about my well being when i told him i was having suicidal thoughts. I eventually decided it would be the right thing to do and go see a doctor. My therapist diagnosed me with severe depression about 4-years ago. I was on all different types of medications and in combination with the therapy (3x a week) I was able to recover and not have those horrible thoughts and feelings. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...however, when your in your down and depressed state of mind...its very very hard to even think things will be better...DONT worry! They will. I hope eveything works out for you. But def. this site is not going to solve your answers. You should seek a professionals help. God Bless!
  6. If you think you may be depressed, see your Dr and they can send you to a psychologist. Many people feel down but may not be depressed, and vice versa. It is important to figure it out tho and talk to someone about it. Chin up!
  7. Definately get to a competent, qualified doctor to help you out or refer you to another doc that can help you. Good luck to you.:flowers:
  8. Depression calls for professional help. If the sadness lasts more than 2-3 weeks (I think that's the criteria) call a dr. There are online questionnaires that you can answer questions and see where you fall on the mood scale. The one my counselor used for me is online, but I can't recall where. You can google for something similar.

    True depression generally won't improve on its own. I am on an SSRI (Lexapro) and it's helped tremendously, along with an excellent counselor. There can be side effects and it can take awhile to find the correct dosage-that's why you need an MD who specializes in this area.

    Best wishes:heart:
  9. thank you sooo much for all your husband actually already suggested that i go to my doctor but i've just been too scared. I was diagnosed with post partum 3 years ago but didnt take any medication bec at that time i was still breastfeeding and i thought it would go away...

    i have been blessed with so many things in my life, everything that i've always wanted and dreamed of i now have (not just material possessions but relationship-wise as well) but it seems empty sometimes and all i could describe it is i feel "weird" because I know i SHOULD be happy but i'm not...i feel so down that i sometimes i cant take care of my kids and my husband has to come home from work (i'm a stay at home mom) i dont have any thoughts of hurting myself anymore (though i used to -post partum) but it feels so empty... i'm scared to talk to my doctor because i dont want to hear, it's nothing, you're just bored, sad, unmotivated, etc, and it would go away. on the other hand, i'm also scared to take medication because i dont want to be mary poppins all of a sudden :smile: I've been to numerous therapist, counsellors, psychiatrists (though not recently) but it never worked for me but then again maybe i quit too soon...

    Thanks again for all the help and honest answers and guys are the best!!!!:yes:
  10. Everyone's comments are awesome. Depression can snowball, so if you are having a few bad days you need to be aware of it, and see if the days you are sad outnumber the happy times. It's a debilitating feeling of an overall lack of joy in life, particularly things that have made you joyful in the past.
  11. Major depression is a lingering sense of sadness. Check out this site:

    NIMH: Depression
  12. trust me, your doctor won't say it's just boredom or something. if they didn't say anything about my depression just being a teenage thing, they won't say anything to you! and, besides, you have a history of depression- that, in itself, is reason enough to get to a doctor.

    and medication isn't instantaneous. it takes a while for the full effects to kick in.

    and i totally relate to the 'i SHOULD be happy' thing. i mean, i have everything i need- and yet i was still suicidal. go figure.

    try going back to a really get "results", you need to stick with it and establish a relationship with a counselor.

    once again, good luck. :smile:
  13. I have had anxiety problems all of my life, but it was always something I could deal with. But a couple of years ago, I felt anxious all of the time and constantly felt that a dark cloud was just following me, casting a shadow on everything that was supposed to be making me happy. I can't say that I felt depressed...I just worried constantly about everything. I explained these feelings to my doctor when I was there for a sore throat and he recommended Lexapro to deal with the anxiety and negative thoughts. It has worked amazingly well for me. I have had no side effects at all except increased appetite and weight gain. I am NOT Mary Poppins at all! I am still me, with my dry sense of humor and occasional negativity and worry. But it no longer ruins my day. I just feel so much better and I do not feel drugged or out of it at all.

    That is just my should definitely explain your feelings to a doctor in an honest way, don't hold back. I wish you all the best!
  14. A couple of comments--the correct dose of anti-depressant will not turn you into Pollyanna--that's a misconception. It simply corrects the chemical imbalance to let you live your life more effectively.

    I too have little to be depressed about--I "shouldn't" be depressed, so why am I? It is a chemical imbalance; if external things could make us happy, depression would be fairly simple to treat--but it's internal.

    Maybe you just haven't found the therapist who is right for you. I've been to several and when I found the right one, I knew it--she's fantastic and along with the meds (which a psychiatrist supervises and checks every so often) I'm coping with life much better and don't feel sad most of the time. Anxiety often goes along with depression and there is help for that also--they are both so exhausting.

    :heart: and ((hugs)) to you!
  15. hey, kmcq, just checking in to see how you're doing and letting you know i'm thinking about you and hope you're doing well. :heart: