1. Does anyone ever have bouts of depression? LAtely I have lost my 'umph' so to speak. I am not passionate about ANYTHING. I am doing worse in my semester than i usually do and am not really caring. I dont want to hang out with my friends or go out, I dont really want to do anything but sleep. I feel sick all the time, aches and pains....basically I feel miserable :hrmm:...Dont get me wrong I dont sit around and act all "woe is me" "life sucks" or anything. I am usually an overacheiver who is generally happy. But these past few month I lost my passion:tdown:, what can I do to get motivated and feeling better? Is this depression? OR do i just have a case of the blues? Has anyone else ever felt this way? SOrry for the rant I just dont know how to 'fix' this...any kind of response would be greatly appreciated.....oh and I am gaining weight and cant get it together:tdown:
  2. Yep I totally know how you feel if I could stay in my pj's all day I would
    I feel down and some days I pretty grumpy with no real reason

    I'm trying to make alterations to make me feel better i.e papmer nights, better eatting habits

    Keep your head girl we'll get through it
  3. OH LO, I know what you mean! I get that, usually around my period, or if there is tension in a family relationship. Sometimes exercise helps! I find that getting out, walking the dog and talking to others helps- because when i hear how awful their problems are , it puts mine into perspective.
    Of course you could have a chemical imbalance in the brain, which has many factors, and if it doesn't go away or interrupts your normal life- get to a nice therapist to talk it out.
    Keep us posted ok?
  4. thanks glad to know other people are going thru it, and im sorry your feeling like this too, I really do need to start taking better care of myself so maybe I need to go out and get a hot stone massage or something. I know I'm gonna sound like a looney tune but lately I have been considering taking up meditation or yoga or something, bc I need something to clear my mind and relax bc i am too uptight and sensitive lately

    thanks for the support:heart:
  5. Thank you soo much for the warm and caring response and the hugs:heart: You guys are right I need to start getting more physical I have too many hours just studying and in the lab and at the computer writing papers, and not enought time taking care of 'me'. Im gonna try and just deal with it and maybe get more active. Thank you again so much for your support and care:heart:
  6. Get help sooner rather than later. Pm me if necessary. I have been there and worse. So if you need some advice or a shoulder
  7. I think that's a great idea.
  8. oh heck... that's pretty much me in a nutshell.... i'm busy & stressed bc of work, which in turn leads to lack of sleep, which leads to more stress & a depressed mood.... which leads to tossing & turning... viscious circe...

    I went to the docs to see if we can rule out physical reasons (anemia, thyroid, etc) and she gave me some sleep pills to address the sleeping issue outright...

    I'm probably going to ask for a referral to a psychiatrist... I know this isn't the route for everyone, but i'm pretty independent & i'd rather not burden my friends with complaints they can't actually help with (stuff i need to get done for work) and i'd rather just have fun with them.

    There's no shame is getting support. If you broke your arm, you wouldn't turn your nose up at a cast, right?
  9. I swear having a therapist to ***** to is the ultimate guilty pleasure expect you don't need to feel guilty about it
  10. I totally agree! A great therapist can definitely take the "edge" off and certainly feeling heard is a very important human need! Yoga and Pilates are great because they really relax you while really getting in touch with your body. I just started up Pilates again after a month break and it really makes a difference. Yoga is great too, because it usually involves positive words.
    If you can't get to a class there are some wonderful tapes.
  11. How long have you felt this way? More than a few weeks and it's recommended that you see your dr. and maybe get a referral. It could be seasonal, stress, not eating healthy, etc. Problem is, it becomes a vicious circle--you feel a little down so you don't exercise or eat right, you don't sleep well, so you feel worse and worse, etc. It will pass with most people but some of us have a chemical imbalance and feel better on meds.

    I've always had a tendency to get "down" easily, but would return to normal. Several years ago, it got very bad and nothing that I usually tried would help. I saw a counselor for a few months and she sent me to a psychiatrist for anti-depressant med. It's helped a lot.
  12. I go through bouts of depression too. Like now. It sucks. I deal with it by sleeping.
  13. Lo- Hope your doing OK:heart:
  14. I hope things are getting better. When I feel down I exercise, it seems to put me in a good mood. But I am not a doctor so maybe that's not the best advice out there.
  15. Sounds like depression. You don't want to sleep more and your depression is leading to physical symptoms of soreness. Basically you're sore and tired because you put up a facade of being happy. If it doesn't go away soon I'd see a doctor since depression doesn't usually just go away on it's own. It's a chemical inbalance.