depressing relationship :( (kinda long)

  1. ok so why is it that guys are such a$$:censor: ...??

    so it all goes back to 4:30 am. i call and wake him up for work like i always do. (he never does the same for me) he gets off of work and tells me he misses me...aww how sweet..yeah right. then later on he pulls me back and forth saying i dont know what we're going to do i get ready anyway..then i find out he leaves to go hang with his pal ...thanks for the phone calll. UH.

    so then i go to blockbuster solo and see a friend from one of my old classes he invited me out with some of his friends to grab dinner. so of course i go. i get home at like 12 and let my bf know im home in a text message and he calls and is like where were you??? um EXCUSE ME but i went out...just like you. so of course he's pissed..double standard right?

    so we get into it. and the truth is i haven't been happy at all lately. he's so neglectful of me. last thursday was my bday, he shows up says happy card, no cake, no rose. nada. i was shocked. this almost measured up to valentines day where he lead me to a cheap hotel thinking we could be alone. nice thougt? but i even told him it better not be a hotel room for v-day but he got it anyway in the end.

    so im hysterically crying on the phone tonite to him bc i dont understand why someone doesn't want to do anything special for me or show me any sort of compliments, birthday card, anything. not even a phone call to make sure im not late to class/work like i do for him.i make him handmade valentines buy him gifts pay for dinners. and its not like he doesnt ahve the money especially with his recent promotion. i dont ever ask for anything but that doesnt mean that once and a while i dont want to be doted on.

    i mean its gotten to the point where its inconvinient for him to come over (2 minute drive) and comfort me and try to change my mind bc he'd rather sleep bc he's tired from hanging with his friends. i dont think he takes me seriously. and the only thing he says when i say im seriously considering leaving him is "you'll miss me" i try not to laugh in his face. am i crazy for still loving him?? are there guys out there who will treat me better?? im hoping so but it seems doubtful...:cry: i need some reassurance b4 i make or break it with this guy.
  2. I'm so sorry about ur bf treating you like this Rebecca :sad: I once dated a guy for three years who never even took me out for dinner/lunch at a restaurant (just a load of excuses as to why he couldn't.. and then the few times we did make it I paid :noworry:), never really called, ditched me for his friends, etc. I was just as upset as you are and cried for a while wondering why I wasn't worth spending time with.. and he promised to get better etc. But he never did. I actually felt relieved after I dumped him.

    Have a long heart to heart with him about his behavior and see if he's reallly willing to change. And if he doesn't... it might be best to just end things bc even having no relationship is way better than a bad one.

    I hope things work out!
  3. I'm sorry that you are feeling so hurt Rebecca. I'm not sure what advice to give you except for follow your heart. Deep down inside you know whether you should continue to give this relationship a try or to give up before you get even more hurt. I wish you the best!
  4. I'm sorry Rebecca. This guy is a complete turd and you deserve so much better than him. He sounds like a selfish, immature boy.

    I know it's hard but you're better off without him. There are way better guys out there, ones that will treat you like the beautiful woman you are.
  5. he says "u'll miss me" when u're serious that u want to leave him??? it seems like he's taking u for granted. u deserve much better. follow your heart and take the courage to do what u need to do. good luck!
  6. I was in a lousy relationship a few years ago where, looking back, I ended up paying everytime we go out! Plus gifts for him here and there. I hated it but was so attached emotionally I could not break up until I moved to Chicago. Thank God for that. He's finally outta my system. But my point is, if a relationship is really making you miserable, AND it involves money (where you begin to count in monetary terms what he has or hasn't done for you), you got to sit down and really decide where you're heading.
  7. read my signature :yes:
  8. ^ i LOVE that lilach!!. exactly what i need to say to him!!

    thanks everyone for reading my thread and posting encouragements!

    GIRL POWER! YEAH :smile:
  9. Um... no offense but this guy sounds like a complete waste of your time. He doesn't deserve a nice gal like you. I know you can find a man who is worthy of you and will appreciate you!!
  10. Our hearts tell us one thing to stay and it'll get better.:sad: But the voice we know we should listen is in our minds.:yes: You already have your answer it's just you getting the strength to let go. The next few months will be hard. I've learned no one can change or be what we want them to be. How much is your piece of mind worth?:flowers:
  11. All I have to say is leave the schmuck! You deserve way better Rebecca, it's time you realize that and stop wasting your precious time on something like him. Don't EVER settle for less than you deserve, you are a wonderful, loving, considerate and generous person!...he's too selfish to realize that. It'll be very painful at first, but you'll get over him. Takecare, sweetie.
  12. All i have to say is --> rebecca15 move on :angel: You deserve better. :yes:
  13. I agree with the girls who say he is not worth your time. He should treat you like you are priceless. Otherwise, forget it.
  14. So sorry for your emotional pain. It may be worthwhile to think about why someone like this is even appealing to you in the first place because I don't get it. But, you don't want to repeat this pattern in the future, I would think. Starting a thread here is the first step of what will probably be a painful process of reaffirming your own self worth. At one point, you'll look back and wonder what you ever saw in this jerk. He has a lot of growing up to do and I'm not sure he will ever do it. Do you want to waste more of your time waiting for that possibility?
  15. Rebecca,
    I"m sorry to hear that. I was in the similar situation several years ago. It was hard. In your case, it does sound like he doesn't take this relationship seriously.:Push:
    Now, im sure u already know what you should do, the only problem is the heart... :heart: . Yah, i know, it's hard.
    Just remember this, you deserve better. :yes:
    Good luck!