Depressing. If I can't get a black leather cabas... Then what?

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  1. I lust in vain after a black leather cabas, preferably large, but I'd settle for baby. The likelihood of scoring one, though, is slim at this rate (unless one of you resourceful ladies can think of something).

    So, if we retire the cabas to the land of make-believe, what do we substitute (that's actually available)?

    I've long wanted a flap, but really, I want a big shoulder bag. Something I can move around in.

    As a matter of course: I already have a GST.

    TIA. :Push:
  2. you could try ebay, they do pop up there, authenticate it on here first though, also some stores get a stray now and then , call around, I just got one today from a friend and love it!
  3. i've seen quite a few on ebay in the last few weeks...if you don't mind waiting, i think you can most def. find one :smile:

    If not, there is the rodeo tote? (i dont know the exact name), but it's super cute!