Depressed and need advice :(

  1. Almost a year ago now I had my gallbladder out. I was really really sick prior to getting it out, lost 25 lbs and suffered for about 2 months before anyone knew my gallbladder was failing. After surgery since I had been so weak, I had some recovery issues...getting better with digestion but still not 100% but I'll take anything compared to what I had before!

    I had laparoscopic surgery and 4 incisions were made. Two are very small but the major one right underneath the center of my ribcage area didn't heal well - there's scar tissue underneath so it's like a raised area with a incision scar on top. When I look at my chest it looks like a miniature egg :sick: that's all I can compare it too :sad: It's not huge but definitely noticeable. Needless to say I'm not happy at all with the way it healed and am very selfconscious about it. No one much sees it, but it's a reminder to me when I see it of what I went through and it's depressing :cry:

    Do you guys think I'm being superficial and vain if I get it looked at by a plastic surgeon? Do you think it'll be a zillion dollars :Push:

    I would love any thoughts and advice, thank you!
  2. You poor thing! Very sorry to hear that you're depressed. I would have someone look at the area that bothers you if you're self conscious about it. It probably wouldn't take much to remove it since it's just scar tissue. It sounds like it could be pretty simple to remove and may not be that expensive.

    Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon!
  3. You might try a dermatologist before you try a plastic surgeon. I had a scar that was fairly prominent too and all it took was the dermatologist to inject it with some sort of solution (I forget, I think it was a steroid!) to reduce the swelling considerably. The scar is still there but barely noticeable anymore. And it was both minimally painful and not expensive :smile:
  4. Wow that's a GREAT idea Vanojr! I will try the derm first. That would be wonderful. THANK YOU!

    And print*model, you are so sweet as usual :smile:
  5. If it bothers you, have it removed. Life is too short to fret over things like this. Remember, we are not here for a long time, we are here for a good time! :nuts:
  6. Twinklette, I'm glad to hear that you have made a pretty good recovery and I hope you feel better! I think the scar you have is called keloid. I have the same thing on an incision a surgeon made for a benign cyst I've had a few years back. When it healed, it turns into a RED bump! I heard that it affects people with asian or african ancestry often (dunno why!). I was kinda conscious about it at first, but now, it's been over 4-5 years since I've had it, the reddish color had turned pale and into an off-white color so it's a lot less noticeable. So, it may go away on its own (I haven't done anything to it...i don't even like touching it because it feels weird). :smile:

  7. bluekit mine is skin color but raised up higher and not flat like it should be, like there's a bump or tissue underneath. The small scar mark is on top but it's the raised area that's driving me nuts :sad: It gets itchy sometimes too...

  8. Oh, I know what you mean by the itchy part! Mine was in a solid red color with the bump/raised (like a button). The skin around that area is always I used to dab on a bit of lotion so the skin isn't dry and flakey (i dab b/c i hate touching feels so weird!)
  9. Well, I had my scar fixed. I had an exploratory mini-laporotamy followed by a partial hysterectomy within 2 weeks of each other. I worked out and got in the best shape I could, but my abs were never the same. Two or three years later, I finally got fed up and went to a plastic surgeon. Now all my clothes fit me right again. Abdominal surgery causes problems like that.
    I am happy I got it fixed. It is not perfect, but it is a significant improvement and I feel better about it all.
    It didn't cost a zillion dollars, I think it cost about the equivalent of a Marc Jacobs Stam or a little more than a Fendi Spy.
  10. I think you need to express your feelings to your physician. Until you feel good about yourself, you won't get better. Does that make sense? When it concerns your body and how you feel about yourself, it's extremely important for you to be comfortable and satisfied. God bless.
  11. Not at all. Course I say that wanting to get a scar of mine fixed also. ;) I had two naval rings (at different times) that my body rejected, so I have a thick scar on the top of my naval, and I hate it. So if its going to make you feel better, then just do it, and it'll be worth it. :smile:
  12. I don't think it is vain at all. Two years ago I had knee surgery and if I had major scaring was definitely intent on doing whatever it took to not have it.

    ie like you see so many ppl who have had joint replacements and the scars are ugly. If it makes yuo feel better and you have the means or insurance will cover it I say go for it.

    ALso I think that scaring and paina re things that pther people have opinions on, but when yuo get bummed out your the one who sees it.

    Good luck
  13. I think your "issue" with the scar is more out of the fact that it's an emotional reminder for you of a very stressful period in your life, so it's not a vain thing. I definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist first. And if he/she can't help you ask them for some referrals. Make sure the plastic surgeon you go to is actually board-certified in plastic surgery and find out how much/what percentage of their practice deals with scar revision.
  14. I don't think it's superficial or vain at all. It bothers you and you want to get it fixed. As far as costs, that really depends. Plastic surgery prices have gone down considerably in the last 5 years. Either way, I don't think a consultation would hurt. If it bothers you like you stated, I would definitely do it! We'll be here to support you!
  15. There is NOTHING vain about wanting to take care of yourself, even if it's 'just' your appearance. Women are so easily affected by our appearances, something like this that is bothering you could really cause some emotional/mental distress. If it bothers you, fix it!
    PM me if you want to talk about it. . . I have some things that are bothering me too, and I'm scheduled already for a little 'tune up'!