Depressed about sales!

  1. Gucci has some incredible bags on sale this year. There are many I would love to purchase. I've been drooling over the leather brit for a while now and have wanted it even before it went on sale. The problem is I just got a new bag. It was a chanel so it wasn't cheap. I really love it so I'm not regretting the purchase. But now there is no way I can get another bag anytime soon. The brit will probably sell out and I'll never get it. Has anyone else ever been sad about a particular bag going on sale b/c they weren't in a position to buy it (even on sale) and wanted to buy it at a later date? Sorry to seem so selfish. I guess I will just live vicariously through you guys so please post lots of pics so I can share in your joy.
  2. I know what you mean! I want another Gucci so bad, but I just got one a month or two ago, plus I got a marc jacobs just this past weekend. I'm also getting a LV next month, so I am resisting myself from purchasing another gucci EVEN ON SALE! I'm dying.
  3. i just bought a pelham but would love to purchase the abbey large tote. unfortunately, i cannot buy two bags in one month. tear. so sad.
  4. You should be patting yourself on the back! Don't worry - there will 2 more Gucci presales next year and then you can buy then . This isn't the last Gucci sale forever. You have set limits and have self discipline. You should be very proud of yourself - some people wouldn't do that - they'd buy it any way and scratch their heads later trying to figure out how to pay for it.
  5. enjoy your chanel bag :smile:
  6. ITA:yes:! Great encouraging advice btw:tup:.......
  7. these are wise words. thank you for bringing us down to earth. :smile:
  8. Me, too!! I've been eyeing the black leather Britt tote for awhile (luckily I haven't seen the EXACT one I've wanted on sale), however I too just bought a Chanel and just can't buy another bag right now. I hate missing a good deal :smile: I've also been eyeing a LV.
  9. tampagirl and gucci fan,
    we are in the same boat here....I just bought my first chanel before the price increase and I am drooling on the gucci sale,I cannot afford another bag.:sad:
  10. c'mon girls be strong!!!!
  11. I GAVE IN! But trust me... if i had bought a chanel i would have been banned too.
  12. I am majorly banned myself...uhhh
  13. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted anything gucci in white trim (so many cute ones on sale right now *sniff) but I have bought so much and I'm super super SUPER broke. That, and I really want the Hasler Gucci that's my next Gucci purchase :p
  14. if you can't buy this one today just believe there's going to be an even nicer bag comming up next year!! ;)
  15. Thanks for the understanding and the encouraging words. I need to stop looking, then I will stop wanting.